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8/06/2019|Event|By Cyan

In the wake of Ereshkigal’s defeat, and the upcoming exploration of a new land, the entrance to two instances will crumble and no longer be accessible. However, before Aion: Mark of the Vandal launches, you’ll have one final opportunity to explore these two instances and receive special rewards!

How To Participate

Inside Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity you and your entire party will receive an Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest each time you defeat a final boss in either of these instances.. Opening this chest will reward you with a random number of Ice Gems (between 5 and 50).

With Ice Gems in hand you’ll be able to exchange them with Shuririnerk in the Ancient Sanctum of Life and Ancient Temple of Wisdom. Note that the items inside the Limited Sales tab can only be purchased a set number of times per week.

Shuririnerk’s Ice Gem Shop.


i just wanna really take a look see how many people will use your money  on this event  , probably some luna from that you get it from free daily luna but i don't  think anyone will spent money in this event at all  so please tell NC if you will .

The Reason why NC wanted to make this event item drop only is in Mirash and COE is just want  people money to spam those 2 instance  , but do you people in NC soft that makes decision for event ever noticed why people complain about you guys have shitty event ? even people in game telling you your not gonna make any money off the game in this event . then you should noticed you will not making money and why you not listening to community ?


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