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Cleric servant's dmg not being affected by magic attack


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I was testing my servants on the dummy and notice that the damage from the servants seem to not be affected by the magic attack, they just being affected by pve attack, i changed to pvp set then the dmg was lower (so the pve attack do affect the dmg, just the magic attack seem to not affect it)

when i activate sacrificial power i have magic attack: 15,272

Servant dmg:

     1. Noble energy: 16,657 ==> proof: https://prnt.sc/ovvnbh

     2. Punishment energy: 12,782

and when I desactivate sacrificial power i havemagic attack: 14,192

Servant dmg:

    1. Noble energy: 16,657 ==> proof: http://prntscr.com/ovvpvs

    2. Punishment energy: 12,782

Is this intended? cleric servants always been affected by cleric magic attack /magic boost and 1k magic attack should make the dmg really higher.... I'm just curious if this is the way it should be


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