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Gladiator, what am I trying to accomplish?


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Hello, so this may sound like a dumb question but I'll ask anyways.

First off I wana say that I have a gladiator and also a Sin, now this post will mostly be related to pvp.

When I'm playing my Sin while doing pvp I focus on trying to lock down my target stuns ect. 

Now my confusion comes in when playing my gladiator In PVP, what am I trying to do to the person obviously kill them but how? Am I trying to DPS hard knock them down, AOE? I don't understand how to play a glad effectively and attempting to learn as I feel like over all Glads are more useful then Sins are. 

Can some experienced people who play glads share some skill builds' skill rotations ect? When you first start to engage in pvp what do you do as a glad? 

The more detailed the better!

Thank you!

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