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Titania Extractors price


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Can we regard changing the titania ore extraction ways? The new proc'ed recipes are awesome, because you no longer need luck to get the noble version, and it costs 2x the amount of materials to craft it and is is more than reasonable (you would waste 10x the material trying to do it the normal way).

All materials are either abundant in broker, or obtainable except titania ore, they are the hardest to get due to the requirements to get essencetapped. To essencetap them you need one titania collector and it costs 1 stellium per extractor. We need like 300 stellium or more to get the required extractors enough to make the ancient, legendary and ultimate. Once you farm those stellium, you then need to go essencetap slowly the titania ores.

Can we have a secondary way of getting those, like the Katalam essencetapper costs 1.000 AP and it is a reasonable price.

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So I thought "let me get an alt, get him stellium and then gather with him so I won't spend my main's stellium"

And that worked, BUT after 200 stellium turned into collectors and painfully slow essencetapped, I got about 1/4 of the ultimate titania gemstones that  I need to craft one ultimate weapon.

Ancient Titania are in such abundance and legendary as well, but ultimate... that items is so rare that it is impossible to gather enough of it.

The only thing that makes it super difficult is the fact you can only buy collectors with stellium. Stellium is so hard to obtain and we need a ton of them just to hope to get enough materials for crafts.


So please either let us have 1 stellium -> 10x titania collectors, or allow us to buy the collectors with kinah or even AP. I am enjoying crafting and gathering like pre 6.x but that little detail makes it awfully hard and not fun at all.

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