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This is unfair. In Danaria we are very angry, since in KT there is a bug every week. This causes a reset, they have twice as many inputs to the event. We have fewer tickets and the% of lot is the same. It's only fair that they give us compensation
Parts are sold at KT. That will make each KT very equipped. At least they must give us something, we know it is their mistake and they make it reset to remedy them, but we are the ones who lose the most.

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15 hours ago, Megaburst-DN said:

since in KT there is a bug every week.

Yes it is bugged, high ping, lag spikes, unstable server, long wait until we can play again.

What resets do you want? FM? Who needs FM resets, it is not like you can run it with a risiel alt easily right?

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