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Bring Back Old BCM Outfits and Coin-Based Weapon and Armors as Skins!


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After playing this game for over 7 years from Launch, I quit somewhere around 5.3 and just recently decided to come back and see how things were. Insane amount of changes, lots of which I'm not happy about, but some of which, I do enjoy. 

What I am NOT happy about which I would love to see back is: 

Around 80-90% of the outfits and content of the old Black Cloud Marketplace (BCM) has been removed and there's barely any outfits or weapons to buy. I would love to see these Outfits come back, specifically the Cool Cat Outfit.

Secondly I noticed that since all Coin-Based Currencies and NPC's are gone (Mythril Coins etc) the gears they gave, and the skins associated with them (Sunsoaked Breastplate, etc) are gone and there are no means to get those variants back in the game, sadly. 

My Suggestion is to have a way to get those skins again, INCLUDING old Dungeon gear skins, like from Old School Lower Udas Temple (Like Jotun's Plate Greaves etc) and make them for skin purposes.

One of the amazing aspects of Aion back in the day, was it's amazing costume, and armor design and the immense amount of choices to choose from. I feel as time has gone on, those choices have shrunk dramatically, and as other games are way ahead of the curve with BETTER systems for skinning or remodeling items, it would be wise to adjust to those systems as well. 

The One-Time skin appearance system is quite old and archaic at this point and it would be amazing if they would lift that restriction on all gear and costumes, especially costumes you pay for from the BCM. 

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I'm not really sure about coin skins o_O

I mean for me they looks bad (excepted lv 51 one),it's hardly for me to imagine if anyone going to like it but again if people demand it then why not ? :D
I mean coin armors should costing them nothing to put on shop.So yep I have no reason to against it xD

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