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  1. Look promising but I'm not yet believed your willingness. Can't blame me by looking your history with the community. I'll wait and see your reaction with community first then I'll decide if you're truly worthy to give you another chance.
  2. I using dps meter for checking who's near me and how strong they're.
  3. Goodbye Rin it's sad to see you go ,No one can resist the might of NCsoft. Thanks for trying everything to make Aion better. Wherever you go I wish you find happiness and success in life
  4. I try to move on from Aion, try new games such as BDO and PSO2 only found out complicated system about them. Yet they have predatory payment as p2w I might click on without knowing I spending money on them (Yes BDO have my credit card and PSO2 linked to my stream account). I don't want to be paranoid while playing games and think I might spend money without knowing. Do you agree with me that new games are complicated and have predatory payment ?
  5. Nobody deserved your money. If I happened to playing the game and talk with you I probably advise you playing the game with me. I want a friend to talk and play the game with more than I get the money. All money in the world means nothing if you playing alone. If somebody nice enough to help you please don't corrupt them with that massive money. I suggest you quit and keep the money.
  6. Thank you so much Rin Actually I have more works in the past that's now is in archived. One of the work that I considering the best is 5 years ago ? o_O time is quick isn't it ? Check it out it's funny anyway
  7. Just some photos revisiting old memories Music for listening while viewing the photos Thank you for viewing I hope everyone will find your own fun in Aion.
  8. Easy answer for no pve server because they can't sell p2w in that server. No pvp = no point to pay 2 win.
  9. @Squid Squid you probably right about surviving. I checked this news https://mobilegamer.biz/nintendos-mobile-games-are-about-to-hit-1-8bn-in-lifetime-revenues/ It showing fire emblem heroes making nearly 1 billion when download is only 18m. I guess Aion probably going more solo oriented. It's funny you guys paying more less players in game. If you guys want more players you have to pay less lol.
  10. As if you think you can survive without F2P players then I suggest you remove free 1 hour siel aura and remove code from prime gaming twitch let see how you going to like that ?
  11. There're many levels of surviving. If you cut all arms and legs only body and head left could considering as survive as well but I'm talking about surviving with full body not just the head. I'm not saying all paying players are not important, I saying massive stuff p2w like candy needs to be gone. How else people making money with all drops removed ? You would rather have drops and making kinah than buying candy and make kinah right ? If you can't see important of survival of free players then don't ask or complain why servers are so dead. You can do everything in the world but Aion classic won't alive as long as you discarded important of free players.
  12. It's funny when I concerned about free players need to survive when classic was freshly launched ,someone asked me why they need to survive now fast forward in time you want new players because you can't dred siege broker empty can't find people to go instances with. Let me tell you as long as first big elephant in the room problem such as candy is not address. There's no way any new players wanna coming in. People learned true nature of free to play game already nobody wanna play as a victim for pay 2 win players to bully and harassment them forever. You want Aion classic to survive ? then first make free 2 play players survive too.
  13. Perhaps fulfill the first promise ? remove candy ? or make it unsellable.
  14. Because I know it's going to relate to cash shop one way or another. I don't care what NC going to do with Aion because it no longer make me exciting like 4.x or even 5.x days. I'm waiting remake 3.0(yes I believed that leak) but I don't hope much if it's turn out it's 3.0+transformation. @Rin I'm sorry to tell you that no matter what you do to improve Aion it ain't going to make me interested unless you got the power of NC CEO that can change things. I would be happy that one day Aion will be shut down and let my memories rest in peace. Sorry I don't have anything to suggest this time this is just purely depression and time to accept classic era Aion is completely gone.
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