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Annoying bug since 7.5 need to be adressed asap plz!


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I never post on forum since now but i feel really upset to be annoyed by a new bug time to time since 7.5 came out.
The bug consist by being suddently unable to select NPC, select Opponents (in PvP), and use any of the skills of your character.
All skill bar become red like when u unequip your weapon.

If it happen while u are pvping, u can just pray not being killed and try to flee... wat a shame yeah.
I dont know the reason the bug happens, it looks like completely random.

If i relog it fix the problem, i can again use all my skills and select players/npc. But if we’re in a shared map in instance server we gotta go all the way back. If we are in group, while group has to wait for us to return.

Please, i know there is a lot of things needed to be fixed, but its unplayable and killing the game!

Thanks in advance. Best regards.

PS : I talk to some other players that told me they already have this too. So i m not alone!

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