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This virus has shaken the world. However, some companies have benefited. NETFLIX was not doing well in 2019 and in 2020 things improved. The same happened with several gaming companies. However, some games have grown more than others and there are many explanations. I think that in the case of AION the growth was small. This happened because the directors / leaders do not know the product, do not talk to the customer and have no focus on the real problems of the game. They just replicate Korea's mistakes.
Unfortunately, the future of AION is uncertain. The game has always been incredible and the resistance of the veterans (ignored customers) is surprising. I'm not going to tell you what AION's mistakes are, a lot of people have already talked about it, but NCSOFT always learns whether a decision was good or bad based on the numbers. If revenue falls, the decision was negative. If the revenue up the decision was positive. Simple no?
The current adjustments to the game are horrible, in my opinion. However, the reduction in play volume was just another mistake. The reduction in SIEGE (GP etc.) weakened AION. The imbalance between classes, the continuing NERF of some classes, the favor of cheating players are just a few examples. We will soon know if the decisions made NCS make more or less money. If that were a bet I would bet that the revenue will drop gradually after this update and that by June 2021 there will be a MERGE of servers (KT + DN) and you?

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