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Agile Hanbok Legendary transformation


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Hey guys!

I was just wondering why agile hanbok's stats during the promotion period was incorrect based on the information given on the news. Maybe there was a twist right there you know? The current stat of Agile Hanbok was Movement Speed +100% (During promotion period) while it should be the following: (during this promotion period)

Attack Speed +50%

Casting Speed +50%

Movement Speed +100%

Physical Attack +230

Magic Attack +230

Physical Crit +324

Magic Crit +324

Is this gonna be the normal stats on this transformation once the event was over?

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We have made others posts as well, the explanation was given by TheSecretCowLevel.

The transform has only one stat normally, it is "allowed" to display one stat only. So now that they gave it more stats, it has the "ability" to display only the first stat. If you use this transform during the promotion time frame you will get all the stats it is supposed to give.

The fact it only shows 50% attack speed is because it is the first stats and thus the only stat it displays... if that makes sense.

And you also made another identical post like this.


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