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Abyssal splinter event


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29 minutes ago, Illidanerium-KT said:

Is it just me or do you get an abyss weapon when doing the instance abyssal splinter and as soon as you leave the instance it vanishes out of your inventory. What is up with that ?

Of course it vanishes, the +15 weapon is so powerful that if we could simply get it by entering Abyssal Splinter it wouldn't make sense to try to get anything else.

Abyssal splinter has two types:

  1. Cold Airo
    Here you get two buffs on the ground at specific time after you first hit the boss, one gives you +3000 attack the other one gives you +2000 defense (I think, I never really got the defense one)
  2. Cruel airo
    Here you get a weapon which can be =0, +5, +10 and +15, rarely you get nothing (unless it is a glitch and it shouldn't happen). You also get some eggs behind the boss, they spawn mobs which if you kill give you two potions, one for healing and one for 200.000dmg, additionally after some time additional aggressive mobs spawn which attack you and also heavily debuff you on your attack speed, c.speed and speed. The other mobs that moves around is not aggressive, and I am not sure what it serves.

Upon leaving the instance everything you got in there vanishes (weapons and potions)

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