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Game Freeze--Unable to change screen resolution.


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Whenever I try to change any graphic options via Options/Graphics, the client freezes and I have to use Task Manager to terminate the client. I have been working with support for a week trying to resolve this, but to no avail. Steps taken so far:

  • Submitted data from dxdiag with no conflicts
  • Submitted data from HijackThis with no conflicts
  • WinMTR to test data throughput to Aion server
  • Looked for conflicting programs via netsh winsock cmd
  • Disabled all non Microsoft services and disabled all start up programs via MSCONFIG/Services, etc...
  • ALL Drivers are current
  • Uninstall/Reinstall of Aion--This did result in the client picking up my native resolution of 2560x1440 144H
  • Changed Bios setting from Auto to PCIEx for gragpics.
  • Created new windows account with admin rights in the event current account was corrupt

System Specs:

  • i7-9700k (no OC)
  • 32g DDR4
  • ROG STRIX Z390E m/b
  • Windows 10 64


Any ideas suggestions, ideas are welcome.


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