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Heads up to people that use RTL


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Hey everyone since the new server change I was getting high ping while using RTL, around 250ms sometimes higher (I used to play with 180ms from Argentina).

So I thought since RTL has an option to create a custom profile to make a new one and check if they have servers on the east and they did. After creating the new profile im playing with even less ping than before around 165ms.

I leave what you guys need to do in case you are in a similar situation than me with RTL.

Go to the RTL website and log into your account, go to the Custom Game Profile thats located on the side and then click on 'Create a Custom Game Profile'.

Profile Name: AION2 (Thats what I wrote but you can do whatever you want lol)

Executable Details (required): You have to fill the one that you use either 32 or 64 bit. You have to put Aion.bin in either one of them.

then on 

Game Server Location go for the USA East Coast 

then you go all the way down and click on sumbit. After that you will need to enable this new custom game, for that you go to the Custom Game Profile go down and where it says Your Profiles will be "AION2" or whatever you called it and press on Enable.

After that just log on aion and enjoy your new ping :).


I already contacted with RTL to see if they can change their servers for ones on the east coast so we wont need to do this. Lets see when they respond.


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They got back to me saying they already update their Aion US configuration to use their US East Coast network. So you can now disable the custom game profile and go on and restart RTL or reinstall RTL over the top, to force it to download the latest configuration.

So now it should work as it used to be before the change.

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