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Latest update error (165)


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Hello everyone,

I'm having problems with the next update. For some reasons at the 21% of the update it says "Error". Anyone knows how to fix this or I just have to wait for the solution? (This is the full error message: "[Update Error] Cannot open the file. Please check whether the file is being used by another program or if an anti-virus program is denying acces, then restart the launcher."

I looked for something similar in the forum already. But to be honest, I didn't find something really helpful. I also tried to re-log but it didn't work at all. 

I hope that someone can help me to make it work out. I'll be very thankful.

Thank you^^

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I don't know. Because I never edit Aion's files or else. This is the first time it happens.

I've just found something on Aion Support that might make it work out again. I'm not sure that is gonna work but I try. I hope it works(T_T)/~~~

Anyway, Thank you^^

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