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Balance of p2w and f2p


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Hi I think at this point everyone should accept now Aion or any future games without p2w is likely not going to happens.

First I would like to point out one thing in Aion history
-NC did try to forced everyone to pvp so they can sell enchantment items from BCM more but that didn't happened NC just lost PvE players who refused to PvP and they just gone.

So can we really have a balance between p2w and everyone else ? Maybe 😅 (I based this on classic before 6.0 version)

I purposed the game divided into 3 zones
First beginner zone - you can't using any pvp related items here ,pots just limited to greater version of recovery. In this zone nothing value dropping much most kinah is from questing ,PvP can happens with minor rewards from killing opposite faction.

Second normal zone - you can use pvp gears here up to eternal one but it can't have enchantment or plume or  braclets. You can use normal scrolls and superior version of pots.

Third uber zone - unlock everything including super scrolls that +20% cast/attack speed (transform like scrolls) but every drop here is untradable or wrap by any mean and impossible to get from events or BCM kinah is no possible to farm here also you can't gather here. Drops here just giving great boost to pvp related items.

You can go any zone any time you want but 3rd zone is not end game both 2nd zone and 3nd are end contents it's just 3rd zone got better loots for PvP related.
I think this way p2w shop can co existed with majority of players.

Well I know it's just a fantasy but better than keep it to myself and let it vanish into the air right ? 😁

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