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Code That Tells You Average Number of Skills books and Daeva Essences Needed


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Hello all,

I wrote some Fortran code that calculates the average number of daeva skill books and essences needed to +15 a skill from a certain level.  The code does this by simulating enchanting skills  to 15 thousands, millions, or how ever many times you want using enchant rates I got from a table on this forum (so they could be wrong). The books are assumed to be the same as the skill you are enchanting.

I did this because I'm going to be getting a lot of books from the stormwing event since I need to + my skills still, I also found it fun.

You can use the code to try and estimate/plan how many books and essences you'll need to amass to enchant a certain number of your skills given their starting levels and when you want to start using essences. For example, I have a skill that is already +8 and I'm thinking I'll start using essences at level 11. I run the code entering in this information that is asks for and ask it to simulate trying to get +15 10,000 times. I find on average I'll need: 6.7 daeva essences and 13.3 books. The number of books needed for each simulation is written to a file called 'sim_results.txt'. There you'll find a histogram of the results. I see for my little test 10 books was the most probable amount of books used and that I'll probably need somewhere between 8 and 14 books to get + 15. Also, there were 376 instances I got +15 with no fails! That is only a 3.76% chance though :(, hope I'm that lucky! Anyway, I find it fun to play around with this and look at the numbers.

Here is the link to the code. If you are interested in playing with this and need help running it on your operating system I'll try to help. I ran this on Ubuntu but I'm sure I can figure out how to easily run it on Windows or Mac. Also, if you don't want to mess with the code and want me to do a simulation for you just let me know! I'll need your starting skill level and when you want to start using essences, or I can play with that last variable for you and let you know the results.



*** Disclaimer *** I'm not a programmer by any means. My job sometimes requires I do a little programing so this code is probably very ugly to those of you who do know how to program. Also, I'm not sure how 'good' the random number generator is for Fortran 90 but it is what I'm comfortable working with. Hopefully it gives good statistics but I'm not sure at this time if it in fact does. Also, Aion's RNG seems very suspect at times so take results with a grain of salt (or maybe a few). 

Also, if you use the code and find bugs or errors in the logic please let me know I'll be very thankful!

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