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Shared map disconnects


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I recently started having a dc when I enter any shared map. I can play for hours on Gelkmaros or other non shared maps, the moment I go to a shared map (usually Lakrum), my game lags, the character doesn't respond and a few seconds later I get a dc.

It doesn't happen every time, I usually relog and try again and it might work this time. If this happened 1~2 times only I would think it is just a coincidence, but when it happens a few times per day it seems like a feature. I know many people might think it is my ISP or anything, but it makes no sense that I play the game for hours non stop in Gelkmaros or other non shared maps and I get a dc only when I go to a shared map. It most likely tries to connect to a new server (the shared one) and that is what causes problems. Even if my ISP has something to play in this, it wasn't happening all these years I have this specific ISP with the specific static IP.

What I figured is that if I freshly log and go to a shared map pretty fast, I get no dc, but if I play for quite some time in the normal server and then go to a shared map, then I get the dc.

I hope they are not pulling any strings again in their services and have problems with the connection.

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Every day I get disconnected a few times with critical error" msg.  What is the point to playing a broken game where no  one in support reads this stuff and does anything about it.  They like to blame our internet but that is BS as I run 2 clients and doesn't happen to both.  Instead of creating new stuff why not fix the compiling problems with the game.  It seems they don't care.  Ignor the problems as ongoing as they been and create stuff to make u buy.  Not much of a game.  heard Elder scrolls better game- similar but not this shit to content with.

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