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Quest Help Please

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I have three quests that are driving me insane I can not for the life of me figure them out.

They are :

Level 10 (Luna) Holding Back the Epidemic, I have to speak with the Underpath Medical Officer

Level 10 (Luna) Detachment Mission, Talk with Jay, need to go to Secret Munitions Factory

Level 10 (Luna) Defeat Mechaturek, collect Mechaturek's Energy Devices

I have no idea where to even begin as they do not show the location of these places or people,  I have googled and you tubed this questin but nothing.

Thank you everyone 🙂

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For complete that quests you need enter to Lune Dungeons. On your interface u will see a pink half moon button. That open a menu where u will see some extras. On the right top corner u will see a button call adventures or something like that. There are the 2 events from luna. One can be done every day and the other one per week. Sorry for my bad english xD

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