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What an update should do if not new gears new level cap ?


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Hi no this isn't even a suggestion or even related to Aion. It's just simply discussing generally about MMORPG (I say not Aion because I feel really useless to suggesting anything about it anymore so sorry xD)

You see I noticed when Aion update there always new gears and new level cap every major patch. I noticed people lost will to farming gears because their gears will useless. No I'm not talking about long term goal or super RNG make getting gears very hard. I'm talking about instead making us farming over and over without stopping. Why don't MMO add contents that let people enjoy their works and having fun. I mean for example in PvE adding some elite named mobs dropping new skins that has some value for broker or variant of old patch pve gears with different skins and a bit different stats. New series of quests that giving you good title or skins ? For PvP maybe new map new mode like battle royale ? with some maps have special conditions affecting day/night/weather to races and classes ? I mean stop adding new things for us to farm and add new things that let us play ?

New update could be about new hair styles, new eyes, new customize of our characters simply updating skins to shop or quests or tokens ? When we talking about update ,we mean fun not new system to farm or new RNG. New type of weapons is ok addition too as long as it's optional not replacement. I don't need skills to constantly changes without reasons. I want it stay the same so I can mastered my skill instead changing non stop.

Is there any MMO like that ? I'm bored of the game that keep me farming and can't enjoy the game.

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