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Items That Cannot Be On The BCM


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I would like to discuss how these items cannot be on the BCM:

  • AP Extraction Tools
  • Enchantment Stones
  • Manastone Socketing Supplements

These items are a few examples of items that have value that aren't exclusively sentimental value. If it has value that isn't exclusively sentimental, then it's equivalent to buying kinah with money which is using money to buy kinah. Using money to buy kinah is always pay to win. Therefore putting these items on the broker is pay to win.


Extraction tools extract the abyss points spent on gear by destroying the gear. Normally one cannot do anything with abyss gear after the gear needs to be replaced. Compare the two situations, you get one person that gets a discount on using abyss gear during a certain time (one with extraction tools) and another who spent full price on abyss gear (one without extraction tools). The one who used the extraction tools on the gear basically obtained free abyss points from the extraction tool compared to the other one who didn't have the tool. This is an advantage, and since it is gained with real world money, it is unfair.


Enchantment Stones and Manastone Socketing Supplements are used to improve enchanting/socketing success or improve gear and are consumable. Normally one would have to spend time to obtain these. If you were to buy these from the BCM, you are spending less time getting them. This is an advantage, and since it is gained with real world money it is unfair.


If there is an advantage that can compensate for skill, it is unfair. It does not matter how much different the two situations are in each scenario, anything can be scaled up. It does not matter how small the difference is, anything alike can be used as a gateway drug to pay to win.


It's just a little bit of cocaine, try some.


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