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recruiting Siel-ASMO we are making legion.


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good morning everyone.

finally classic is coming on NA server.

i am recruiting Siel-asmo players to have fun together.

i played aion for 8 years and have few friends coming with me.

recently played KR-Classic so i can give good info how to lvl and gearing/specs for those who new players and old players who lost their memories of old time.

i have confirm around 40 players already joining our legion and most of them are well known players who has been playing since old school time from elyo/asmo.

so if you want to join us please let me know on PM. 

All our legionmates are equal BG/Vice doesnt mean anything in our legion.

we are planning on changing BG every month when we have forts

because once your legion has forts BG will get extra kinah and medals so if you looking for very free fun legion join us.

We do not abuse others like some other legions. 


thank you have a nice day.


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