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I dont want to be that guy but


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Everyone said we had no numbers and game was better off without classic but here we are 3 years later one day before classic server lunch and i cant be happier 
Many i saw replay to that original post have different opinion today and im very happy to see that
and im so glad that this is going to be a subscription model too 

See you guys on Siel

(I know i posted in regular aion general discussion first i was in wrong section dont crucify me please)

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Guest Amaterasu

IMHO as someone who played from headstart and fell in love with the game, even though I sucked at pvp and was pretty much just free ap to any of the opposing faction that sneezed nearby. Anyways, after they got rid of Kahrun/The Eye that was pretty much the end of the Aion I loved and I kept hoping for a roll back. Now years later a certain game we all know decided to do a classic server and my hope was once again renewed for a classic aion server and now here it is! Yay!

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