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Many BOTS all OVER


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Hello, it's disgusting, to see so many bots in the game, and gold sellers, not even in 2009 as I bought this game and paid per month, via so many filthy bots, destroying the game, and a shame for ncsoft it looks like a server private amateur, a game of years and they still can't fight this kind of practice, and on top of that they charge for the terrible service offered for a game of more than 12 years. At least regarding players, this game should be the same for everyone, because many like me who bought the game in 2009 and paid per month, we were left adrift, when the game was free without the minimum benefit of the company for us players, and now they want to repeat the dose with absurd values, giving advantages to payers and non-paying, This shows the terrible management of Ncsoft, if you continue like this and don't see this ridiculous concept, in 30 days this game will only have the paying darlings and flies in the game.

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