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Essencetapping bug gatthering

Guest Bahamoth

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As far as I know for basic gathering you don't need Siels Aura to gather. MY wife's characters can't seem to gather now. She was doing fine then it just stopped she tried again and it constantly fails on every gather or it sits on starting to gather but goes no where. My characters have no issue with gathering at all.

Ok up date on this you do need Siels Aura to got passed a level cap so to speak.

Siels Aura is a subscription to get full access of the game options.

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Again and again this p2w ... I can no longer hear it, Siels Aura is free for everyone for one hour. During this time, you can dismantle, trade, etc. ... if you want to do this for more than an hour a day you need the subscription, the server and the employees have to be paid for with something ...

Yes there is a shop and yes you can buy things in this shop that you can sell again on the market, but what's the difference if I buy candies there or buy clothes for my looks or cards to change my name and sell them again in the store ? There is no one who in any case has to spend money and thus support the server ... and all of this applies to you as p2w I call that a company has to earn money to give players who do not have the opportunity to spend money a small chance give to play the same game free of charge for at least one hour a day with all the benefits as they spend money every month

And by the way, is this system not only the same in NA, but also in Korea and Japan, all Siels Aura, all DeavaPass, all Candies and where do they cry? NA or in the whole of the West ...

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