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Most popular server, faction and most in demand class/spec?

Guest Evyx

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Guest Evyx

I used to play this game back when classic was around but eventually quit because of real life commitments. I'm hoping people can help me aim my character in the right direction :)


I am looking at being competitive but not going to do something crazy like break the bank to be it. But endgame activities and taking them seriously is 100% on my radar.

-What is the most popular server.
-What is the most popular faction on that server?
-What is the most in demand class/spec?

I'd like to aim myself ideally at chanter but I recall there being some controversy around such a decision back in the day.

Thanks and bless!


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Here's a thread made recently about chanters in classic. They're currently like, the second most popular class.

Most populated server is siel by far.

Most popular race seems to be pretty balanced so far from what I can tell.

Most in demand class/spec is probably templar since there are a million clerics and glads running around. Do take note though that templars are really gear dependent and a pain in the ass to level (especially if you're doing it solo). Don't get me wrong though, they can be disgusting in pvp and PvE if geared.

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Siel is more populated. 16% more than Israphel  according to the stats from MyAion.

Siel dominated by Asmodians, Israphel dominated by Elyos I believe.

Tanks seem to be the most sought after class for both servers.

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