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  1. Yeah.... not a surprise. As we all know NC prefers the module of a few whales vs regular bigger player base subbed.
  2. Don't think it's as nearly as big as it is on SL. Same with hackers.
  3. IS peaks at 8% currently, not 5. And If you want to get technical, Siel has been at 24%.
  4. @Kibbelz Apply 100% XP buff to Israphel, keep Siel at 50% XP buff. Or alternatively, lock Siel for character creation.
  5. If it's a new account or no recent purchases made, it can take up to 6-12 hours for verification. After approval, all purchases should go through instantly. Excluding paypal. This is for debit and credit purchases directly for Quna.
  6. Because he is rubbish talking Israphel. There are multiple groups for different instances throughout each day. Playing Asmodian, btw. Things sell on the broker too. How would I know? Because I still sell them. Is Israphel overpopulated like Siel? No, but it is still populated and has enough people to run content with. Let people decide which server they want to play on. There are 2 different servers for a reason. NO to any kind of merge, it is way too soon.
  7. Congratulations for being un-suspended. Happy for you. Thanks for the advice dad, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Now that, is condescending.
  8. Yeah, that's what you're supposed to do. Eyeroll. Submit a ticket and wait until you get unbanned. Or if you refund with your bank they'll really ban your account.
  9. "Wah wah wah, I'm an entitled person who wants to reimburse a month of playing because I didn't get my way." That's what you're doing. In what other business can you charge back EVERY purchase you've done for the time and play you've consumed? Get real and grow up. If you can't afford gaming then don't do it.
  10. People like you are what's wrong with the world. What you're suggesting is the definition is shady. Playing a game for 1 month and charging back every single thing because you're butthurt over a bugged Pass.
  11. Aion has always had bots, unfortunately... since the beginning of the original game. Of course the gold sellers wouldn't miss an opportunity to make more money with Classic being here again.
  12. How is Israphel dying? Because you aren't happy with the stats of Israphel vs Siel? Why did you make a character there to begin with then? It was -widely- known Siel was going to be the most populated, with so many people and legions announcing they were choosing that server prior to launch. The highest load of Israphel in the past 24 hours has been at 20%. So that's a what, whopping 5% peak population drop since Classic launched? That's a 5% loss, that is nothing. Unless you believed every single person was going to continue with the game after the free week of Siel's Aura. I m
  13. 2 players. There are 2 active real live players left on Israphel. The other 10 players went to Siel. There are now only 150 active players on Siel. The other total thousands of numbers combined for both servers are nothing but bots. /s. Israphel was already known it was going to be a smaller server. Why did you roll there in the beginning if you didn't like it?
  14. Tldr. The first 2 sentences were enough garbo to get the rest of the post. You seem to be on a path to ruin this game because you aren't happy. You can do what you want. I'm staying subbed. See ya don't want to be ya.
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