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  1. Evening everyone, As you all may have probably noticed the game has lost a lot of its playerbase for several reasons which I’m not going to list here since this post is about Dredgion pvp. Reason I am bringing it up is because it would be a great marketing plan to revive the game. Let’s talk group pvp in dredgion and current setups. As you are all well aware classic doesn’t come without its inherent flaws, inconsistencies, bugs, class imbalance, etc. Currently a meta based group of 2 gladiators, 1 sm, cleric & chanter or 3 gladiators 2 clerics 1 chanter, are esse
  2. I would like to get a dev’s response on this if possible. Running chanter on 1600 mres, 8.5K HP, 220 elemental defense. Stacking Elemental Defense Food + Elemental Defense Scrolls + Elemental Defense Mantra, brings me at 220 Elemental Defense. Putting Aetheric Field on, and a sorcerer that is measly geared can still 2 shot me. 9,091 critical hit from lightburst 7,893 crit from inferno. Can someone advise on how is this balanced by any stretch of the imagination? There isnt a single class right now who can fight a sorc I suggest they nerf
  3. Guildwars is another game ran by Ncsoft. Their methods of countering issues just seem to create systems centric to bots and not to players, who are their bread and butter and sustain the game with real hard earned $. Ultimately, if I pay for a subscription in a video-game I do not want to be limited in my inventory space and have so much rubble items as a level 50 that I cannot possibly sell everything. I am then forced to make more than one account to bypass this limitation. This limitation is ludicrous and it doesn't stop bots who have thousands of accounts. It does however, stop players,
  4. Let's discuss kinah sell limits, why is it currently so low and why having it in the first place, actually encourages people to bot. At level 50 2-3 hours of grind will get you past your sell daily limit. This encourages you to make a new account, make a new character to level 10, then transfer the grind, sell it, and trade your kinah back to your original. Ultimately, you now end up having 10-20 accounts with new and different characters which can be put to use. What exactly is NCSoft's mentality with kinah limits for selling to NPC's and why they are so low? Back on retail when that
  5. Originally NCSoft teased us with this update as the future of Aion. This is what would have made Aion outcompete WOW and be potentially the best MMORPG ever made. // https://youtu.be/4ANW144YxkM // Ideally if NCSoft ever went in this direction with their Aion, they would see success beyond imagination.
  6. No, I don't think you understood me, or maybe I didn't make myself understood well enough. I meant that's how often some unique skin should be added, not that once added it disappears and only the people who were there can have it. It should be available at all times once added in the game.
  7. Yeah I did not meant that they need to be added right now this moment. I meant on those dates. Nonetheless I would really appreciate a timer on chats, active GM, and ok monthly skins. instead of weekly
  8. Well, they do not need to "add new features" for events. Back from this updates there were Halloween Events + skins, Christmas Events + skins, Easter Events + skins and New Years Events. So They should definitely bring those back to give us the full Classic experience. Also why are events a distraction? They are just fun little activites to start your day with in-game.
  9. Yeah, I figured as much. However, in order for a business to succeed and make you money, you need to put some form of investment into it. You cannot just simply launch a game then let it just "be" and hope it turns out okay and makes you some money. This is not "rocket-science" development. Skins are not that hard to implement in aion.
  10. Dear NCSoft, Please do not cave in to the cry babies that are saying the game needs to be free 2 play. This full free 2 play model is what turned your previous Aion into a failed business model, where most of the population had stopped playing. Keep crafting relevant, keep the game stories, quests, hardships, rifts, levels, relevant. The moment this game drops the p2p most people will quit again and the remainder will hope for a few elitist p2winners to support the server for them, that and I wanted to propose a few improvements. Improvements list: - Quest Cube should b
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