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What is the rift schedule in Classic Aion?


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More specifically, I'm interested in knowing when the rift in Eltnen Fortress spawns -- the rift A in the following image:


I tried to look through the forum but could only find the siege schedule -- is the rift schedule available somewhere?

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was checking my old guild forum (it still exists but split among other games now, as a gaming community overall rather than an aion legion only) and could only find some rift maps, but nothing about the specific opening times for a specific rift.

i believe the game is set to open rifts at a specific time, however which rift opens is completely random, and can even happen to not open a rift at all if i remember....
Looking back to our forums, also found that rifts have crossing limits, in case people forgot about it. Only a certain ammount of players can get through, then rift closes even if it has not reached the full activity time.
Example for eltnen rifts passages to morheim ( since i cant say if that map you posted is the rifts into morheim or into eltnen, locations might be wrong):


A                                  12                                 28                                2H
B                                  20                                 32                                2H
C                                  35                                 36                                2H
D                                  35                                 37                                2H
E                                   45                                 40                                2H
F                                    50                                 40                               2H
G                                   50                                 45                               2H

1 Hour ingame = 13 real time minutes (info taken from original korean aion, might be different for NA classic 2021 aion) 

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