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Suggestions to enhance nostalgia, Bugfixes, QOL


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Nostalgia Ideas:
1. Allow us to have the old map UI, or give us the option to toggle it, if possible.
2. Change the menu credits background art to more original wallpapers and music, as the current ones are about 4.x content, which I would personally hope to never see on this server.
3. A possible way to keep a more classic feel, is since we are in 1.x, we should not be able to see 2.x content. Map teases, 51-55 skills, the expanded stigma trees, etc. If anything, I understand this is a thing because we were given Remove Shock. All things considered, if it's possible to keep only Remove Shock, do just that. Otherwise, it's fine.

Bug lists:
1. Various audio clips for things such as skills are incomplete, and cut off.
2. The flight gauge does not give the UI VFX or sound when entering/leaving flight zones.
3. Certain animations of skills are incorrect when being cast. Example: Ice Chain - female, Asmodian. The animation mimics that of Smite for females, instead of how it should for female, Elyos, or both male for Elyos/Asmodian.
4. Some designs of armor pieces are incorrect, with singular, bland coloration and do not match their corresponding sets.

1 (adamant). Increase the level cap for the usage of LFG, Whispers, and Mail to be level 10, instead of 5. This can allow us to use the full potential of anti-bot options in the settings. Additionally, re-enable the setting to choose to block whispers from players level 10 or below. This has the potential to further deny gold spammers, and generally, some amounts of negative activity.
2 (debatable). Change your Classic server from 'free to play, but pay for full benefits' to 'pay to play, no questions asked'. Back then, we had to pay in order to even access the game. Doing so has further potential to block multiple forms of botting, along with negative behavior of players. It isn't a 'cure all', but I personally believe it is necessary. If you're going to make things how they used to be, go through with it, and be sincere. Don't bring in your 'present day' forms of cash grabbing, like the Daeva Pass, and charging $30 per character for bonuses. Along with the candy drama, which people sell all over the place. Want to solve that once and for all? Entirely remove the ability to purchase candies from the BCM, and deny the ability to get them as a reward from the Daeva Pass. If you're going to charge players to buy things, you could at least make it so it cannot turn a profit. That goes for the 'Flying Daeva' 'cosmetics' as well, which give stats. Granted the wings are the only good thing, but you get the point. The only thing that really NEEDS to be in the BCM, is the Tickets for plastic surgery or name changes. If you were to keep a tame BCM that runs on skins, dyes, tickets, and MAYBE pets, you'd be well set. Along with that, changing your game to full subscription based, but maybe bringing it down to $10 USD per month, would be a lot better. You're still getting plenty a month from a singular person, along with more people being more willing to pay for that instead of it being $15. I cannot speak for people in other countries, but I've seen many complaints that it is very expensive for them. if anything, a EU server should be released sometime soon. It would cut into the community of NA, but I don't doubt it'd be necessary for their part of the country, along with adapting to their prices.

In the end, despite everything over 11 years, I have some hope for this, and the words of other people in this community will not dampen that. But it is necessary for NCsoft to take action for things such as this, now. Sooner rather than later, listen to your community. There are some of us who still care, even after everything that has happened. We, who want you to improve and nurture this server, this game. This has the potential to last more years to come, even if many of us already know how the game works inside out, and know what to expect with future potential patches. But I've seen many new people, new forms of curiosity and hope. And my only hope, is that these words are found, heard, and taken into consideration by the company. For our sake, and theirs. Do not let the old sins of retail be repeated here.

If people have come across any other bugs, issues, etc that they've found in game, feel free to post replies or images, so that other people or maybe the Devs might see. Be kind, and considerate to those around you.

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The fact we can get whispers from players at level 1 is a big nope. And using the lfg from level 5 as well with the fact we cannot block mails and whispers from people less than level 10.

The chat filter is a good thing but not enough to work around the bots all the time.

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