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Aion classic Israphel + Siel merge


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Hello all,

I have been playing classic since it got launched in Israphel server and im lvl 44 so far. Many people started a drama about the candies, sieges etc and left the game or directly rerolled to Siel. Now Israphel seems to be dying and it will end being empty.

It hurts to see all your friends and new people that you meet ingame losing their motivation to play and end being alone.

My suggestion is to merge Israphel into Siel since we dont have the same population as Korea and also Israphel is being dominated by Elyos and Siel by Asmos (sorry if this is info is wrong) so it would add some balance too. Players from both servers could have more feeling of playing in an alive game and of course for NCsoft they could keep more players ingame and their subscriptions.

Please guys if you think like me support this suggestion, and dont tell me to reroll into Siel because for people that are high level is not worth to throw all the effort from the month.

Aion is more fun with other people, so lets try to be all together in this.

Best regards.



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