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Daeva pass and daily server reset


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So whenever you finish a daeva pass item during server reset time, it bugs out and won't count. I lost some dailies because of this---- but now my 200 point killing 100 mobs in Rashenta quest is bugged and won't count.


Even if I relog, it is still 'stuck' as completed but not counting.



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i have the same problem with my season quest "occupy 1 artifact". the kill was counted, but not updated in the daeva pass and 150 points were not credited. I wrote to the support 4 days ago, but so far the bug has not been fixed and the season ends on wednesday. :(



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The same thing happens with me, whenever it resets daily, the Daeva Pass doesn't count, and at the moment it's not counting anything, the quests shouldn't count until the start of maintenance ??? what will I get as a reward for being harmed by this bug ?????


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