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[IS-Asmo] Order of the Guillotine Cross


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Order of the Guillotine Cross is an active and engaging legion comprised of NA timezone players, 18+ who are primarily English speaking. We are an active community of about 12 players hoping to expand and help our members advance in levels towards endgame PvE and rift/siege PvP. We offer regular weekly legion events focused on instance runs, group PvP, or gathering to help legion crafters and communicate via Discord outside of the game to ensure no members voices are unheard.

We aim to be a positive force on the vastly negative server and would love more like-minded players to join up with us and help us to grow and nurture our faction.

Our main force of players are 38-40 with a few in the early 30s, so while we would prefer recruits in those ranges exceptions have been made in the past.

If you are interested or just want to talk with us a bit to see if we are a solid fit you can respond here, PM me, or whisper Jeskal, Magincina, or Tandri in game.

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