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identical daeva pass season 2


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10 minutes ago, Coheed said:

Yes sure... still a slap in the face for the price.

I wish I didn't love Aion this much... would have been gone by now.

To be honest: We are already paying 15 bucks per month for Siels Aura (without it you can't really play the game). So I'm not a fan of the 30 Dollar pay to win pass - especially if rewards tend more in this direction after the current season.

And at least it should be around 50 lvls in two months instead the current system - I just wasn't able to play one week in the last season and just a day here and there and I reached only lvl 34. So it shouldn't be that much painful to reach max lvl, if you already paying 30 dollars. Just a suggestion, if we have to accept the pass in the future.

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