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I like to Buy Aura


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Hi everybody,

I like to buy the Siel's Aura, but there is not enough incentive. Would you devs consider to like a auto looting pet 30 days with some scrolls, HP potions, and or 30 days or permanent outfits, weapon skins. shiny things like a halo above head. Just the aura by it self is not enough. It feels boring and not fun at all.

Also would like to "add dodge to the game" look at guild wars 2 for that.

And for the love of god, why are the scrolls 5 min long? Are you crazy? Its not fun or logical. You want us to run auto clicking bots or something?

Hope in the near future for some better changes. Please give us some more incentive; fun, useful and shiny things that will keep new and old people around in Aion Classic

I hope more players will support this.


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