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Inconsistent Bans Israphel


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Hello Friends,

Sorry for adding another "ban complaint" post to the list. The main goal is to bring some awareness to the NC team and how their lack of communication and understanding of the community is affecting their player base negatively.  As you may have noticed, there are many forum posts complaining about NC Soft's lack of communication/action regarding VPN bans, server imbalances,  game roadmap moving forward, candies, exploits, etc. It is pretty much just a pool of negative energy. I don't see why new or potential players would want to stay after reading the posts from the community here. 

Now the ban in question today is a forum ban for a seemingly innocent post. For context, Fushimaru is a named Asmo who is constantly terrorizing the Israphel Elyos nation (in a good way) by assassinating them in the abyss. Fushimaru and Chanter will often 2k/4k DP to deal a lot of damage and secure kills. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. So the forum-banned player made a post light heartedly making a jab at Fushi and was promptly banned. This was the poem that caused the ban for "forum misconduct":

"fushi, oh fushi
for where art thou, oh fushi
you dp me daily
thank you, my sweet fushi"

I can understand if NC Soft is banning posts that target other players or something to that affect. But they are allowing the false hackusation against Harrypotter to stay up so that doesn't make much sense. I am just asking NC Soft to chill out? Let your players have fun. Let them have banter/rivalry. We all know we are here for a good time not a long time...


P.S. Thank you Fushimaru. You are the hero IS-Asmos need. 

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