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Game Managers in Classic where?


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So for those who were here in Beta or in 1.0 Remember the (GM's) that actually cared about the game, and community. Where did they go? they would pop in and kill bots delete  gold spammers show up before seige and give buffs.  Actually chat with you about in game stuff and give tips and advice.  They cared about the community and the game they took pride in their job and it showed. 

But now we have these lazy auto response that have no clue what they are doing do not give a crap about the game or the players just sit on their fat lazy but sending the same response to everyone  So   GM HAUNN and GM ASIN get off your butt get in game and do your job or are you just sitting back counting all the whales money. Because we the players are why you have a job in the first place so you can fix your mistakes or we can make this game fail faster then you can.   

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