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at least pm me what the whole jagrette thing was. I understand the level of confusion, but do lmk. 

This is unprecedented, and as someone who has watched GM's manipulate ingame mobs to abuse and take control of pats and kill rifters, I'm eager to hear what yall got to say about this. 

Let's take this private, but I just wanna know what you and the team has to say about this. It's a very alarming occurrence since a lot of us have credit card information linked, and this type of thing very well could be a leak of that. It's a very touchy subject. Just hit me up, let me know what's going on and what you all found out to had happened. 

ty boo ❤️

much love,




more than likely, it's nothing to worry about, but I would like to hear some clarity from NC. 

This level of intrusion, is not only unprecedented,  but it leads to many different outcomes. 

With the mishandling of SR bans, what grasp do you genuinely have on the game? I'd like to know. 

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