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The Bride and Oriel photo album (BIG IMAGES VERSION with subtitles)

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Hi after I lost my estate I decided to take photos in Oriel again I hope you enjoy it :) (Now with subtitles too :P)


I took this photo in front of a palace big place too bad not many people owned it.


Blow up flowers petals with my mouth how lovely :D


Dancing  with musicians of Oriel they're really talented ones.


A harp player status with some cool purple and red flowers.


Oh no it's a bad lightning wish I had some extra lights.


This is the bridge of courage they said if you can cross the bride with ur coupel with eyes closing you will live together until you're old


That guard is pretty scary so you shouldn't get close to him.


Sitting on some beach with some estates in the background.


Just evening day walking over the beach.


Aww I wish I can go swim in this pool but I can't they won't allow non swimsuits into the pool.


Under construction village fountain it's very rare to see it in this state.


I wish I had this mansion good views and near the lake I'll come out and sit enjoy the view everyday :D


Nearly dark I feel like I almost walking on the water but no the water ain't that deep and it's very near shore,it feels very magical with this :)

Ends with Oriel series don't forget to check out Poeta and Ishangel series thank you :)

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