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Best Sin Weapons/Skills/Setups

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Hey guys, Smoked here 😃

I've been playing around a month and I've been learning more and more everyday and I figured not only could I learn some new things by starting this thread maybe I can help answer other people's questions who might be wondering the same thing too.

So first off, I wanted to ask:

1.) Whats best 50 weapons to have for pvp and for pve as a sin? Extendy and non extendy build and what are alternatives?

Currently I have a +10 Nuaka Fang dagger and a +11 36 gold coin offhand sword I got 18% attack speed and 6% attack speed vambrace.

I'm at attack speed cap 1.0 buffed .8 flurry with sword I was wondering what yall found to be the best weapon combinations and why, as well as what I should focus on getting for my next upgrade. I'm happy with my dagger for now I want to get Lannoks, Bakarmas, or Alukinas and for the sword I was thinking either dark dragon,bakarma, dc, or pvp sword 50e. What yall think?

2.) What have yall found to be the best stigmas for PVP and for PVE and as a mix of both and why.

3.) Is there any other miscellaneous things about sin or in the game that I should know about that might positively affect my play style or help others. Any tips/tricks feel free to add 😃

If I don't know u already nice to meet u and happy ap grinding!=)

cya all in game ^^

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Best alternative for weapons is to get a set of non extend AP weaps and have a duo of extend weap that you can switch to when enemy is running away  or kiting you. Bow on sin is a meme, it's only useful for air pvp when you can't use all your skills

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With 1.5 almost here best endgame pvp combo will be taha dagger with 50 pvp sword. Sins don’t have very good extendy weapons so they’re not endgame but can help with range issues in the abyss. 
Bow is not troll, very helpful when someone is running away, you can get a bit of extra damage and even a stun if lucky. Atk speed for the bow is important .

dagger combo is viable if you have low ping to take advantage of the increased attack speed when you don’t have flurry up.

for both pve and pvp always aim to have attack and crit on both your weapons. If you don’t make sure to socket the appropriate mana stones if you need extra compensation especially on the crit side to get to at least the soft cap of 440 (640 for strike resist +15 gear).

Pvp stigma is personal preference but must haves are flurry, ambush, flash, aethertwisting, oath (for mr fights and for radiant rune), blinding burst. Some sins love sigil strike, I personally don’t think it’s worth a slot but up to your play style. Deadly abandon for pve, shadow walk optional, lightning slash can be used as a debuff to bury blind

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