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Revenant Cross [IS-Asmo]


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Revenant Cross is a newly merged legion comprised of the members of Order of the Guillotine Cross and the Revenants. We are an active group of players made up of various timezones. We are predominantly english speaking, however we gladly welcome any who are able to effectively communicate with us. The legion is helmed by Darkman- a long time player from retail and an active brigade general of the Revenants on Infinite Aion- and myself (Jeskal)- Old-school Lumiel/Israphel player since closed beta. We aim to be a massive positive force in the game and those who've run with either of our past legions know us to be friendly, helpful, and sometimes we even manage competent. We are focused on helping the legion grow as a whole and gearing our members up for future content whether it is Instances or PvP.

We are currently a Level 5 legion that is Rank 18 in abyss ranking, sieging as interest arises and try to show up to support our faction efforts. We have members across all level ranges interested in rifting as well if PvP is your jam.

We run active groups for instances most afternoons/evenings with the majority being lv40+ content (SR, Adma, DC, Alq) however about 15%-20% of the legion is in the Lv30 range and many of us have alts if you are working through/out of the FT era.

Our legion is currently a large bulk of tanks and heals with almost half of the legion being plate or chain and we are very much in need of active Sorcerers and other DPS types.

If interested we are looking for members level 30+ with a preference towards higher levels for upcoming content. If you have any questions we would love to talk! Whisper myself (Jeskal), Dragonsoul, Darkman, or Xcelsior in game or respond to this post!

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