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Looking for information about treasure boxes in Aion


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Hey there.

In order to make more content for this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0sQa8F9aQrNZ8IJLMpXCtw, i'm trying to do some research about treasure boxes.

I already have documented the nute warren treasure boxes (video to come soon about that) where you can get this baby :


I'm trying to find information (location/spawn time) for these items :

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/121000460/Sovereign's Heart - necklace lvl 38

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/125001499/ Bloody Sky Mask - headgear

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/120000708/ Dragon Palace's Earrings - lvl 44 (I guess it's in Steel rake, but not 100% sure)

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/120000475/  Hero's tear - Ring lvl 40

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/122000515/ Torment Seal - Ring lvl 40

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/122000780/ - Azure Flame Ring - Ring lvl 25

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/122000781/ Red flame Ring - Ring lvl 25

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/123000766/ Otherworldy Belt - lvl 45 belt

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/123000765/ Otherworldy Leather Belt - lvl 45 belt

- http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/123000512/ Ancient God's Belt - lvl 35 belt


Thank you

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Can't edit the post so I'll add my own investigation here :

- Sovereign's heart is said to drop from (translated from Korean) "Morheim - Revolutionary Building Base". Original comment : 모르헤임 - 혁명단 건축기지 (마) 보물상자

- Bloody sky mask : Elite Balaur Area in Beluslan (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwb6jxbiGUU )

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