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[Maintenance Waiting Room Live Stream]


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Hello dear friends and foes,


today, right before the maintenance I'll be live streaming and again dive deep into what we might get with the update and cover all the possible version updates we might get of 1.5 (through www.aionpowerbook.com). Don't be shy and feel free to ask questions about the coming content on stream. My chat or I will answer your questions, you're welcome!

If you have something to add or want to help out, feel free to do so as well. This way we can pass the time of the maintenance in a productive way.


If you're still in-game, make sure to log out next to the stigma master to not forget about your 3rd greater stigma slot quest. If you didn't do your Groggie daily yet and you don't have 120 Groggies pre-farmed, do 1 daily before you log out. :)  See you there :)


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