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  1. Hello dear @Kibbelz or whom else this may concern as I don't know who else might be reading the forums, and to all the people that make fun of the "crybabies" and the "quitters", the reason why they're complaining is due to the fact that 1.5 arrived in Korea in a much much faster pace. We talk 2 months... Meanwhile here with NCWest, our 4th Daeva Pass has launched.. and is going for another 4 weeks. With that being said, we are truly far behind in comparison to how Korea was handling their patching pace. You might ask why was Korea so fast? Well, the answer is quite simple, there are muc
  2. My guess is the stripping AP or not will be depending on the magnitude of damage/trade. I assume people that ate permanent bans are those who currently are super high in ranks of have gotten over millions within weeks while perhaps not so dedicated offenders are on very low ranks speaking below Officers ranks get only their AP items stripped and get a temporary suspension. Someone has shown on the unofficial discord a screenshot where NC specifies that if they get collect a 2nd strike on their account that it leads to a permanent suspension. I think the solution provided is fair and w
  3. Might take 12h I think to update ranks or until tomorrow, who knows. Depends now wether they stripped Abyss Points from temporary suspended accounts as well.
  4. @Kibbelz Does that mean they get to keep their current accumulated AP and Rank?
  6. I wish I understood what this survey would change for those level 50s that have decided to ditch the server to Siel-A... It would have only made sense if by the release of the 100% EXP buff .. you've closed the creation of Siel Characters or especially Siel-A until the EXP event is over. That would have been a bit more effective with your survey but nevertheless still quite useless. The survey did me no good at all, I am 50. Amulets went to rubbish, low tier scrolls... I already buy Greater Tier ones from the broker. The HP and MP potions are also outdated for level 50s. Basically no
  7. Well, as much as I agree with this, I also disagree with it. Because... lots of Asmos (especially from the big FR legion) just descided to switch to Siel-A from Israphel-A. I guess ... we can dream on.
  8. Hello there @Kibbelz, thank you for thinking of us, who still have not reached level 50 yet by adding a +100% EXP buff. However, I have to disagree with the execution of it. I hope you do realize how this week could impact the "underdog" factions. People are already slowly swapping servers to play on the winning side. With the event in place, it will just further damage the balance. We (IS-A) have already lost more than a few Asmodians to Siel-A. (A huge legion split up and most went to Siel). You should reconsider an additional incentive for the underdog faction until
  9. Soon today I'll dive deeper into Aion Classic on my live stream ~ (In about 2-3h from the creation of this topic) Mostly for the Asmodian faction but Elyos are welcome to discuss and maybe learn something if I know the answers to their questions~ If you have anything specific to be covered during the live stream, just leave a comment here~ (Asmodian Related please... no questions about business model... it's 1:1 to Korea and common knowledge by now) https://twitch.tv/vashiro
  10. I hope so, yeah. I was on the KR server on launch, they kept releasing servers. But since NCW is keeping close track, I wonder if they prepare already new servers to launch along with the 2 other servers on release since they might "cap" soon.
  11. Hello, does that mean you're also preparing new servers for deployment on launch date?
  12. Most likely wrong. The reason for EU's speed with the update is that they just dropped 3 languages from their localisations. Usually NA and EU waited around the same time until an update was released. HECK, EU even caught up with NA on 6.2 yet with 6 languages in total vs 1 language in NA. They dropped the localisation of those 3 languages (ITA,PL and SPA) for various reasons which were adressed in their last Daeva's Tavern. This sped up the process by perhaps 2-3 months of further testing. With that being said and mentioned you gotta reconsider your statement. Additionally EU has collected
  13. Wrong. This is not a Korean patch. It is something GF has control over without the technical assistance of KR. The only thing they will need KR NCS for is adjusting the morphing design recipes. The rest was solely handled by GF. ~Vashiro
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