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Tahabata was nerfed. Here's a guide anyway.


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A group on our server managed to kill it yesterday :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMcNiDES6XA

Compare that to a video from 2010 on an official server : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab_AXZgskz4

While I don't doubt Aishi's group is good geared, I also know it's not possible for a solo Assassin to bring taha to 80% in 1 minute while it takes 2 minutes for a full group to do it in 2010.

The HP nerf is actually what makes the fight so much easier.  The skill frequency stays the same, but just dumbing down the HP is enough to make the fight more doable. Below 25%, adds come every 50 seconds, which means the DPS race has been made considerably easier on classic!


Anyway, prerequisites to make the fight easier :

  • have your 4k DP ready and DP jelly available
  • have firescrolls
  • have a sin tank the boss
  • position the party like pentagon with the cleric in the middle  see : https://i.imgur.com/mrS1zWo.png 

Why a sin to tank the boss?

  • He can evade the big damage skills using focus evasion and aether twisting.
  • Evading Tahabata skills will prevent some uncool side effects (see below)

Tahabata skills to pay attention to:

  • "Strike down with anger" : 5k AOE dmg  on everyone + Stun
  • "Explosion of wrath" :  Aoe dmg around him. If someone is hit, creates a shield on Tahabata
  • "Eruption of power" : Aoe dmg around him. If someone is hit, creates a 400% reflect on Tahabata
  • "Soul petrify" : Paralyses for 20 seconds in AOE
  • "Destroyed frozen soul" : One shots the target if paralyzed, else it's a 3k-4k dmg spell

Taha has 4 phases which can be guessed by the skills he casts :

  • Phase 1 : Strike down with anger every minute. 5k AOE dmg + Stun
  • Phase 2 begins when he first casts "Explosion of wrath" (around 80%)
  • Phase 3 begins when he first casts "Eruption of power" (around 55%)
  • Phase 4 begins when he first casts "Soul petrify" (Around 30%)

After porting in, only the templar moves to tank the first aoe alone. After that, let the sin hit alone for some time to make sure he will keep aggro. The whole fight, Tahabata will random aggro from time to time. It's quite a big hit but it should not kill you. If it does, you're probably not geared enough. Tahabata phase 1,2 and 3 should be trivial for any group. Chanter and Cleric both heal. Phase 1 and 2 is just a tank and spank. Phase 1, you'll get "Strike down with anger" every minute. Phase 2, "Explosion of Wrath" every 50 seconds. Sin should evade it (and melee dps should run away to not get hit).  When Phase 3 begins, you will get a wave of 4 adds every time you have an "Eruption of power", which is every 50 seconds. This spell, if not resisted/avoided, creates a 400% reflect. Adds in P3 disappear in 20 seconds, so templar takes them on him and the group ignores them.

P4 is where every detail matters. When you see the first Soul Petrify, be sure to be far enough to avoid it or if you're the tank, get dispelled fast :) (You can also use a skill to resist if you think you can evade 2 more spells in the next 30 seconds). This marks the beginning of P4. Pop all the CD you have to DPS. Tahabata will do this cycle :
Soul petrify > 5 seconds > Destroy frozen soul > 1 second > Destroy frozen soul > 10 seconds > Explosion of wrath > 10 seconds > Explosion of wrath + Adds > 15 seconds 

and put that loop on repeat. The wave of adds is what's deadly. Nobody has the DPS to kill them before the next wave comes and you can't CC them (no fear, no blind, no nothing). So Templar is there to take them on him while the rest of the group tries to kill taha asap. The adds don't despawn even after Taha dies, so loot fast if he does :).

It's a battle of popping your defensive skills at the right time and not waste them too early. The temp should wait as long as possible to pop everything. It is expected from the templar to handle the first wave no problem and die 20 seconds into the 2nd when defensives CD start to wear off, leaving adds on the cleric who will die in seconds. If this happens, just res/self res and DPS taha in hope it will be enough. Put the loot FFA to make sure anyone (aka the last alive) can loot :) .


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Silly rules of 10 minutes to edit...

  • best team composition would be Cleric/chanter/Sin/temp/ranger/sorc (and I say that as a SM).
    • SM is bad because the spirit will most likely get hit by aoes (triggering the bad side effects) +  SM burst is bad + SM dispell is useless if everyone avoid AOEs
    • Gladi is bad because he cannot tank the adds as long as a templar would (and has fewer aggro skills) and he can't tank taha without getting hit by the AOEs
    • If you don't run with Sin as tank, SM becomes mandatory and gladi becomes better
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