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Aion Launcher - Lineage2m who dis?


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So once I updated for this week's maintenance for Aion, I got a link to Lineage2m which is for mobile so I am sure it will flop, but I said to download it and simply have it on my mobile for when I want to pass some time when I am not home. I downloaded it for the pc with "purple" application and then I had to fill in the image captcha at least 11 times... eventually it told me there is no account!!!

I hit the "find my account" and it said it is only for korean accounts.


I never liked your new launcher and it didn't give us anything additional other than extra steps to login, the news feed is either too old or the content is irrelevant.

Do some more clean up before you put things there.

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More than a month later, I downloaded it and for the mobile it requires like 7GB of space lol.

I downloaded it for pc to check it and not only it came in Russian language (without any way of fixing or changing it) but also it sucks, gender locked classes, single appearance per class and limited mobility.

The words "Mobile" and "MMORPG" do not go into one sentence. Period.

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