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  2. accompany the event with an increase in the probability stigma enchant rate please!!!! @Hime I bought 75 enchants from BCM and not one at 15
  3. Gear progression 7.5

    Extreme/Paragon gear are only enchantable with extreme enchantment stones, which requires nigh-impossible Katalam renown level 9 or (even more so) Silentera Canyon renown level 9. In this way you won't be able to accidentally enchant these gears with an ancient enchantment stone and breaking it, so don't think support is going to ever restore failed extreme gear upgrade attempts (as an extreme enchantment stone will be used). (Accidental extraction or inventory sale of enchanted extreme gear should still be valid reasons for equipment restoration support ticket)
  4. "Stigma Event"

    you hate her, to point her out, you are also in that discord so your argument has no weight, better take your hatred somewhere else and stop derailing the thread
  5. "Stigma Event"

    I was just sharing important information that everyone should know.
  6. "Stigma Event"

    you do, the post is about the enchant rates not about you talking shit about me
  7. "Stigma Event"

    stop derailing the thread
  8. "Stigma Event"

    just to finish what we talking about, yourself answer you are "not hacking", you are on the discord to "gather information", so why i cant be there for the same reason ? you are here to defame me, you are in the discord and u not hacking, so why me being there mean i am hacker?
  9. "Stigma Event"

    its not about me hacking its about you hacking and being in a hacker discord thats the PROOF
  10. "Stigma Event"

    your arguments are invalid, join a discord doesnt mean i am member or that i have membership of something, like i say by example i am on "team para" discord, wich is a DN legion, does that mean i am on DN server ? NO, does that mean i am inside that legion ? No, that mean someone posted the link and i decided to join.... same thing i am on Blue Bird discord, does that mean i am on that legion ? no... that mean someone posted the link and i decided to join you are on the channel from a hack, so are you hacking ? I know many ppl that joined like me coz they are just to watch and read, in that channel ppl post about bugs, about game errors, etc. and actually i barelly go and read 90% of my discord channels coz like i said few comments ago, i am joined on more than 30 channels
  11. "Stigma Event"

    Any argument you make is invalid since you are in hacking discord. you are a hacker.... go ahead name all of the respectable 50 players in the hacking discord.
  12. "Stigma Event"

    I could name you over 50 respectable players that are in there, and they are not using hack... they just joined a discord channel like me, someone posted the discord one time, told me what the discord is and that's it i did joined, go ahead look if i ever posted asking something like many ppl there do, is just stupid you are assuming things without proof like i said, i can join any discord i want, like everyone do and i could name you other 50 that use the hack and they are not on the discord
  13. stormwing event

    how much longer the SW event will continue?
  14. "Stigma Event"

    Any respectable player wouldn't be in the hack tool discord.
  15. "Stigma Event"

    accompany the event with an increase in the probability stigma ernchant rate please!!!! @Hime I bought 75 enchants from BCM and not one at 15
  16. "Stigma Event"

    to avoid sell something on broker to 1 kinah and be stolen by a broker bot? and by what you saying, then devil is bot too coz he is more op than me and made his stigmas all +15, so he might been botting all day long for enchants (like if there is a way to bot and drop stigmas lol) many ppl dont know about broker bots and always pm me telling me they got scam because they didnt know about the bots... also by your accusation to me, you are also accusating those players that are on the picture too without reason to... join a free discord channel doesnt mean someone use third party programs, i am on DN discords, on almost every legion from katalam discords, i am on rainmeter discord, i am on aion katalam discord, and so many other channels.... i am joined to 35 different discord channels so your comment is just to defame me lol
  17. Today
  18. "Stigma Event"

    I don't use the hack. im just gathering information.
  19. "Stigma Event"

    if you are in that discord you recognize that you are a hack, and with the egg event you don't need to be a hack to have 250 enchant stigmas, Regarding what kosita says, they had to accompany the event with an increase in the probability rate
  20. "Stigma Event"

    Why does someone need to gather information about a bot/hack/cheat program for the game they play? seems like an unlikely excuse lol.
  21. "Stigma Event"

    This is obviously a hater of kosiita that want to defame her, everyone who had many accounts and was smart gathered a bunch of stigmas from egg hatching event so your point has no sense, everyone who did play the last month have stigmas, she said she had 500 stigmas, that is something every free to play player can do...
  22. Server Lag on Danaria

    I have lag like never before and i am located outside North American, indeed
  23. "Stigma Event"

    a lot of people is on discord channels to read stuff, yourself are on that discord...by example i am on 10 legion discords, so i am on every legion ? no i just be there to read the post and gather information... so ur post is stupid like the picture say i am just watching , also everyone got free stigma enchants with the event from hatching egg.... i have 5 accounts with old characters wich allow me to gather stigmas with the egg daily farm so i had like 400 stigmas is that bot or something ? i dont think so, you are here just takling shit
  24. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    same issue here game lag a lot.
  25. Gear progression 7.5

    Armor and weap is pve or pvp specific. Accessories and feathers are used for both BUT, theres a set that can't be retuned and a set that can at each tier. Titan coins/Genesis crystals (lowest tier) Armor/weap PVE can not be retuned. Tranquil lakrum Drop from bosses in lakrum Legion guard Titan coins/drop from hidden mobs PVP can be retuned. Legion scout Titan coins Lakrum scout Genesis crystal Accessores/feathers Tranquil Lakrum Genesis crystal / Drop from bosses in lakrum NO retune Legion guard Titan coins /drop from hidden mobs Can retune Katalam/Demaha mid tier pve can't retune Cruel Demaha mini bosses in Demaha Fierce Katalam Not sure where the crystal chest comes from Pvp can retune Fierce Aureate legend BM Access/feathers Cruel Demaha 100 stellium rng box no retune Fierce Katalam shugos in camps around katalam (need renown 4 i think) and "crystal chest" no retune Fierce Katalam and Cruel Demaha has higher base stats and fixed offensive stats that is higher than aoa/benm accs when they are tuned with the same stats. Heartless Intruder Stella lab (normal) BE (normal) Can retune Burning Altar altar of ascensions easy and normal Can retune Burning Altar and Heartless Intruder has lower (significantly) offensive stats when tuned with the same stats as above, but has the option to tune for other stats. Shining Floren (craft) No ones going to craft this stuff... they drop from bosses in silentera canyon too. No retune on any of the pieces it drops. Aoa Normal 2nd tier Bursting Altar Aoa normal can retune Higher base stats than benm/stella/aoa easy accs, but same bonuses. adds up more than katalam/demaha offensive stats and option to retune. Best in 7.5 armor/weap pvp Dark talon upgrade from ancient herald that can be bought with genesis crystal can retune pve Sovereign Drop from IDD, PF, stella easy and BENM for weap can retune Scarlet Accs/feather IDD HM Brace/plume/wings PF HM neck/earing/ring/belt No retune on any of them. need to get lucky on drop from each boss and require certain amount of starlight stones to upgrade Paragon armor/weap uh.... you mean the stuff that breaks when you fail enchanting and where players will send in tickets till it reaches +15 like in 5.8?
  26. Server Lag on Danaria

    @Hime any update? same issue on katalam servers
  27. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    What about the lag Loki? I'm pretty sure is not my internet, and a lot of player have lag too since yesterday
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