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  1. Weekly kinah vendor cap

    It seems that in 6.0 Kr, you can increase the cap up to 5x by paying some sort of subscription.
  2. Gladiator pull

    Its a pull. It brings opponents closer to you and paralyzes them for a second so you can hit them.
  3. Gladiator pull

    You can see from this video that the gladiator new skill not only can cover distance but also pull targets from quite a distance, as earth xforms do.
  4. Sorc mains in 6.2 should be happy.

    Sorc is a secondary toon to Better, his main is templar, but he plays sin and glad too. And sorc is not exactly top tier either.
  5. Sendlogs on SFT

    Something thta no one is talking about: a friend who plays at korea said that 6.0 doesnt run on 32 bit OS. So, its going to be a problem for everyone still using one.

    Sry, but everything that is good for new players, is automaticly bad for old players, and the opposite is also true. A merge is painless to any new player anyway. To me when siel merged it didnt made any difference for me. Not that im actually seriously playing this game in the state it is right now. err, it kinda is, considering your entirely argument is revolved about it. New players wont care if the server is merged around the corner. One way or the other they will be better off this way. You even go to the extreme to tell a dude to not play and capitalize it. Really ? Anyway...
  7. I dont know if Aion 6.0 will bring players back, but certainly is bringing big philosophycal essays.

    Im not interesting in those regions or whatever they do, because i dont play there. I didnt say to anyone to "take down websites", dont go full retard, but we know what to expect from NC because of past experiences.

    Who cares about a website ? IMHO, NCwest doesnt have the resources or the intent for a decent market strategy for 6.0. Its up to US, yes, to US to be active in every social media out there to make the update known to attract people. Which means liking, sharing, making videos, highlighting the good things about the game. And actually is partially up to us too, to create a good environment in game so people dont rage quit. On the NC part what they should do is BAN hackers, and provide decent support.

    Yes, I think its a good idea to start a new one. But it will inevitably make players quit their servers and start on the new one. Im one person will DEFINITIVELY do this, and never look back. But p2wers who are totally invested in their toons currently will not do that. As far as the current servers, they are pretty much close to death already, thanks to this ridiculously bad patch. Theres not even 100 people doing panesterra. Siege is only pve siege. People dont even bother showing up if theres any oposition. Even for weekend siege theres like 150 Asmodians on KT. And all the afking because of this coalition stuff makes everything much worse.
  11. Truth about 6.0

    Wait, who said 5.x was the best era in the poll ? come hither Its a way to force people to pay, without making them stronger. Considering how much time people invest in stupid skins, i think they will think its fine to pay a few bucks to look ok. People already play as animals anyway in this patch.
  12. I quit on 4.8. Came back on 5.6 or something. Still wondering if it`s worth to be laying this game now.
  13. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    Lol, i think people will only be happy when the event is somethng like: "Every 30 seconds, a bundle with omegas, temperings and manastones appear in your inventory"
  14. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    @Cyan, when its the next power up week ? I still wasnt able to get my accs plus 7
  15. Poppy trust box statistics

    I thought it would be a good idea for players to post what they are getting from those boxes to know what are good prices to sell, if it's a good idea to open it, and so on. So for example, i opened 1 box so far, and got a provenance weapon. Anyone else ?