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    Ok, this stuff is going way too far. Yesterday we had entire alliancess kicked by elyos spies. Aside from all the spies that they put there to afk and the ocasional player kick, now they start alliances and proceed to kick everyone when they get the chance. Something must be done about it.
  2. Change open world pvp rules

    Hello bro. Unfortunately this is how things go on OW, and tthey are not going to change. You probably are not getting to max lv by doing OW quests anyway. To get experience what you should do is: do luna daily everyday, and fissure of oblivion every day. do all 3 man instance that your lv allows for. They don`t require a cleric. They are also source of kinah. do take advantaage of the exp. event schedule. do the EC 4 times daily quest. it`s nice exp and you get stuff that you will need later on, such as stigmas, minions, etc.
  3. I wanna Know Which server got More players.

    If you wanna talk about the trolls, KT-A has a guy named pizichu who is a fanatic democrat who keeps talking about nonsense all the time, also theres a guy nemad Aenhon or something who keeps spamming lfg with nonsense as well with his alts, they might be the same person, i dont know, and im pretty sure its an Elyos disguised.
  4. Where is the July preview?

    Or maybe 6.0 hits in July ?
  5. Aenhon: The Ethics Committee Rigging The Election

    Bill da wol.
  6. Where is the July preview?

    There can`t be a preview anymore, there will be only a July view.
  7. Gunslinger few questions

    Hello friend. Although Im just a newbie gunslinger, I`ll try to help you. I think you should get Apollon and then not be much concerned about PVE gear anymore. Do all the dungeons that you can do quickly, and use the broker for the stuff you can`t get running them. you have strong skills for pistols, and strong skills for cannon. When your pistols good skills are on CD, you change to cannon. You need pistols to replenish MP anyway, because cannon skills spend a lot of it. I dont know what is the best, but I think most people use the royal archon lv 75, all the pieces you can find on boxes on the broker, and you can purify them to get them stronger. Do not ask me what are the materials for purifying because i haven`t done that myself. Manastones: Knowledge(for MB) and precision(for MA) and Lv 70 composites(with MB and MA). You can get any of those in the broker, but you also can get lv 70 composites that you chose from one of the camps of your map. I like cannon, so I use hemorrage shot, pressurized chamber, and all the rest are dps cannon skills. Missle guid is mandatory though, IMO. The rest is up to you. I hope i have helped.
  8. Mentor

    8 years playing Aion and I only had one mentor. His name was Jake. RIP.
  9. Perhaps if you still have an incomplete quest from a previous organization, you will have to turn that in, or abandon it.
  10. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    It seems in Korea in 6.0, you can increase how much you can sell up to 500% by paying NC aa subscription. I wonder if they will implement that here
  11. I ill describe what has been happening lately to me in dredge because I thought this was not possible. When you enter, first, theres a low rank toon alone, obviously, a spy. Then, when they check and decide to enter, other high rank and generals enter the instance. But the trick is, after awhile, the first low rank leaves, and then after awhile, the team is completed when another high rank officer comes in. Is there really a way to do this ? Spy with a low rank, then later complete the team with your real team mate ?
  12. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    Very interesting stuff, but it's safe to say that nothing similar would happen in this case. I dont want to drop stuff there bro, theres no reason to be accumulating week after week with more supplements that i would never use anyway. I would like is to sell more of it. First of all, FOR GODS SAKE, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT A LIMITLESS THING. And no, you are wrong anyway, because you can already do that with multiple accounts. If you like to farm, simply make more accounts. It took me one day to lv up to 66. And i made kinah in the process. And I think a good deal of players have no intention of doing stuff like that or even understands how to use their money properly. People buy powershards on the broker for twice as much the price of the NPC that is RIGHT NEXT to the shugo broker. People have a life too. I honestly prefer not to, but its not a bad alternative to use alts in different accounts, since no one on NC even comment on this. It doesn't even need to be that high. 200M, 180M would be a relief already.
  13. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    It's the same as your response that generated that one. So... Do you remember WHEN kinah limits were imposed ? What was the kinah cap when lv cap was 65 ? Except its not. Even if you assume that every single player reaches the cap every week would also reach the new cap, which we are not even asking for it to be 3x the ammount it is now, it would simply increase to the total ammount that is already added every week. Everyone having a money printer imply anyone can add any ammount they want any time, and this will not happen, even with no limits. Like I said, people can go around the kinah cap by using alts in different accounts. So if people are looking for exploitation, it's not like this is an actual barrier. I'm sry, but this kind of argument do not fly. If we assume that there are already thousands of players or bots or whatever doing what you describe to reach that cap every week, and the prices at the broker are what they are, how a slight increase in the cap would change that ? But that had anything at all to do with the cap or any change in the cap ? What caused that ? Well, currently I'm playing 3 toons, which is what I have time to. I'm stacking to try to reroll soon. The problem is since stuff is accumulating in my cube. The only alternative is destroying which means start destryoing kinah. If everything could be sold on broker there would be no problem.
  14. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    And complex things do not become simple because you wish. Do you understand that you are talking about a time where the limits where introduçed right ?and o dont know where you play but the prices of temperings and ômega still virtual the same. And no one will have a money printer, this is a ridiculous comparison of someone who is used to simplify complex things. People will merely be able to sell more of the stuff they farm during the week, which in itself hás a limit.
  15. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    It's 2018 and people still wanna reduce complex things to simple sentences. Although this is not the place to discuss geopolitics, we can safely say that the same thing won't happen here, it's impossible. Actually i just saw that in the other page there's a poll where most people agreed that the limit must be increased. So it's not like I'm the only one thinking this.