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  1. So...they still got a buff defending?

    NC should make panesterra a thing again, and focus more on that than these forts, since in panesterra all numbers are equal. Limit the numbers of panesterra forts to 2, and then you have 6 factions fighting for it.
  2. New Class is coming?

    The new class should be the conductor. The class should have the ability of making the opposing players to do what they want. Lets say you are fighting a group with a SW. You can controll him, having access to his movelist, and make him trebble cleave his Cleric. It would be epic.
  3. the patch barely started. Later they will have the events, but they will sell stones on the site when this happens as well. The enchantment rates are fine for now, wait a couple of months, then we can start talking about that stuff.
  4. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I was not refering to specificly pvp gear, so no. If its going to be painfull, its equally painfull for everyone, untill events or new patches increase of the odds of getting that stuff. For now thats how it should be. Old players on old servers had plenty given to them in the last months of 5.x. As far as new players go, they should be on the new server.
  5. Extendables aren't needed anymore ?

    For Gladys, they removed the overpowered dp moves, but many moves hit harder and zerk has lower cooldown now. As far as the Need for range, with a very damaging ferocious chop, with 20 sec cd or something, dashing stigma with very high damage and daevanion cleave tottally overpowered, extendables arent really needed. Watch many youtube vídeos of arena pvp and you will see. You can say thats not easy to get some of those skills as new player, but to get extendables wouldnt be easy either. Still, dont think your going to beat sms and sws unless you outgear them. Im not talking about templars because no one cares.
  6. Let us store kinah in account wh

    How about no ?
  7. Favorite Patch?

    4.0 was the best for me. Katalan and danaria were the best experience i had in aion.
  8. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Im not missing anything. +15 is not meant to be achieved from the same lv of enchantment stone as we can see from the table posted on this topic. Yes, some lucky ppl will get it, but most wont, and thats expected. If ppl wanna blow their wallets trying its up to them, but they cant complain if it fails. Ppl want everybody to have max enchantment in less than one month of patch. Sry thats not how its going to be. And theres no one with compensating gear here, im on the new server.
  9. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I dont think this is right. i made a toon in the second week of the server opening, and in one week i have already ancient weapons +11, and full set +5, pve and pvp, no real money spent. so unless you are doing something terribly wrong, the rates are ok. and people i see aroudn are far stronger than me, so i guess a lot of people are being more lucky than i.

    what ?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 7, 2018

    You dont pay to look like your character, you pay to look like it while you are transformed.
  12. Smuggler Shugo

    I think a more rightfull complaint is the fact that a skill book costs 200 ingots. I mean, it would be much easier for a lot of players to obtain them thi way if it wasnt so expensive.
  13. I just realized after looking at my account that the transformation tab is shared for all your characters. EVEN IF THEY ARE ON DIFF SERVERS. So, lets say you changed servers for this patch. You can still use your toons in your old server where you probably have tons of kinah to buy limited contracts, and use them on a different server.
  14. New server is really empty? Katalam or Danaria then?

    In EK Asmo we get 1 full league, another league and good chunk of solo people. Not bad at all. Dont know about the elyos though.
  15. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Im pretty sure asmodians do not outnumber 4:1 in EK.