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  1. All of that comes from Korea, not from NC west. Korea is far more p2w, always have been, and always will be, and it is how Koreans like their games. It is really not about difference in business mentality. Now in Korea, is easy to take money from the players for maintenance and development because there is actuall an active playerbase, but here is not the case. Not only the game has no players, but also everyone wants a 100% free game where you can have everything by simply playing the game a few hours a day. Obviously this is not possible. Right now a good chunk of the playerbase is from south america, and you know, currencies on south america are not exactly strong, so they cant really support the game. The only way to do so is with whales, a few dudes who spend a lot of money in the game. Dont get me wrong. While I do spend a little money on the game, if every player that there is right now spend as little as i do, the game would be closed already.
  2. No. If the dates coincide, its 1 month and 10 days away more or less. We are in 21 february, if you didnt notice, almost march if you didnt notice. Im gonna put you on ignore now, thanks.
  3. you are kinda not all players. Anyway, its too late for that now. Better to release the new stuff.
  4. If the dates coincide with the distance, its 1 month and 10 days away or so. I dont know why did you bother with that answer.
  5. 2.7 was released nov 2022 korea, may 2023 in here 3.0 was released oct 2023 korea, so by logic, it must be close.
  6. Korea is realeasing a lot of interesting content, fresh and interesting, unlike the current patch, where alhough not the worst on classic, it is starting to become boring. Also, this new class interested very few players. Even this forum is more than dead. So how about Nc telling us how long it will take for the new map and new class to hit NA ?
  7. What do you think about Templars like this ? Lol
  8. Yeah, Beluslan is not for this type of gameplay, but they are droping a new map that is just better.
  9. Ill just leave this here, because images speak loude r than words. Temp is op as f. "Templar must have a higher gear than the rival and in addition to several sets, use yes or yes 3 weapons, one-handed weapons should cost half the AP and medals because you need two, while a sorc with a good book could be enough, temper needs yes or yes sword/mace with shield and a GS. lol" Thats just rididculous. Theres no reason why a one hand weapon should cost half.
  10. Right now we are plagued with this boring patch and with no drops to boot. And in Korea, they have a patch with lots of interesting and new content. We know you have no idea how to fix the drop rate. Give us the latest patch to keep us entertained with the new stuff while you try to fix this. Remember that Aioin classic is comming to EU. All EU players will leave if you don't have a newer patch here and with no drops to boot. Do this now!!!
  11. Your post gave some sort of cancer. I would like to know about this repeatable in tiak where you get goldmedals. Diz it seems even in Korea the rewardsare the same.
  12. Well, as we all know, the number of players is dwingling, and this patch is boring. All we go is dailies for medals, dodge all pvp instances by scouting for pugs/empty instances, and never defend forts because there is no reward. As a result there is no really any confrontation. What could make this patch better is: When a faction first conquer a fort, there should be in the first defense twice as much reward for both factions. This way both are interested in defending at least once. After that, there should be a second defense in which there is no reward like it is right now. Then in the third it becomes balaur. Also, the dredge commander should be actually killable like it was in 4.0 days. This way, one faction or other could steal it from balaur, and also it could put a block on the stronger faction, because they would be killing the commander instead of the opposite faction. Thanks for listening. I hope this all is in place by next week.
  13. All the bots are in siel thats for sure. But Israphel is sure doomed lol. lock elyos immediatelly there.
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