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  1. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    Well, you would be able to get much easier if it there were plenty of bots farming materials.
  2. Beluslan memories

    This was before 6.5, so there was not even pandora yet. And a funny thing. I found weird bases with faction flags in other places, one in lakrum, and one in demaha as well. Weird hm ? Perhaps something that still going to be developed ?
  3. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    2 things killed crafting, and those two things are: Bots are absent, because drops are absent. They kept mats priced down so everyone could craft. GC is easier to get and also prices for GC weapons are down. You don't really need to craft if you can promote your weapons without it. Perhaps something will change in future updates.
  4. What a Shame

    @Briearios-DN, theres is nothing wrong with what Nuke is saying in that video, he is just making it clear that what he is considering is pve(instance) and group pvp. Even so, certainly isn't something to writhe in stone, is just his opinion based on what he sees. Gunner doesn't has the same dps or burst as the sorc. A gunner only do damage with pistols while they have pressurized chamber on, and cannon skills are limited in number, aside from the fact that you need to enchant both weapons and switch efficiently in battle. Gunner also doesn't have a shield, mental lock isn't a shield. Sorc has many shields, wintry armor, etc. and mental lock doesnt really gets him 2 digit damage unless you are near the threshold of att+pvp being equal to his def. If that is happening, you are undergeared, that's it.
  5. Small suggestion

    It is the creators intention that you see them, because in Korea, they still can see them. It's nice to see if their damage is justified by their gear, or if their moving speed matches their boots and transformations, because there are a lot of hackers in this game. it would work exactly like it does now, except you would not have the option to hide. What do you want to hide ? Not even wrong.
  6. Small suggestion

    Well, the same as the website used to serve. Since they are not fixing that, this is a possible alternative.
  7. Small suggestion

    Since the website will never work again allowing us to see each other stats, how about NC to force everyone to leave their details opened ?
  8. Precise shot going into cannons is good for burst in pvp, but since the creator is worried about pve dps, precise shot chains as a whole and gunshot are better, since if you do what you described will only result in running out of skills faster. But the point is that you don't deal any damage with pistols when pressurized chamber is not on. I dont use autoload, but again, i dont have stigmas plus to the point i would have a slot to use, since i need juggernaut cannon and the 40s stun for pvp.
  9. is this a joke?????

    This is a different version of the game. I don't like getting heart cubes instead of coins from the crucible challenge, but that is how it is now.
  10. Why do so many of you people complain about gear?

    What you say doesn't even make sense. Gear doesn't matter but everybody has because it's easy ? So how about you challenging someone on ultimate while using ancient gear to show us that it doesn't matter ?
  11. EC bug isn't a bug, just remove kicking

    It's not working as intended, because they never intended thta you come back to the same run and get the prize for that run even though you were kicked.
  12. EC bug isn't a bug, just remove kicking

    It is a bug. The thing is, in Korea, you have far more players, so when you get kicked and enter again, you dont enter the same one, as the places are already filled with someone else, and there are other instances running at the same time. Here, since there aren't even players to fill one full run, you end up running into the same instance. So, if they wanna fix this without removing the kick option or the extra entrance, they need to block your entrance in the same instanced zone you got kicked from. But the kick option is already bad enough. People simply like to ask for kick when they enter one in disadvantage, instead of trying to play.
  13. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    It's kinda defaming yourself, because if you are not providing proof, it just looks like you are all kinda salty because mech kills you in the game too much.
  14. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    As with hacking, it's not allowed to defame others with accusations on forums, no proof has been provided that mech does this, and also, if there's proof you should send to support, not talk about here.