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  1. Im gonna tell you wait wait for it Soon.
  2. The problem is, the companies are not looking for more players, they are looking for more spenders. Point in case here is, they have like 200 people per server, but they have many who spend a lot of money, so they prefer 200 with spenders to 20000 without spending.
  3. Ok, added to the ignored list. Now can we plz talk about Aion Classic ?
  4. Why are you using this thread to talk about this ? Whats wrong with you ? This is probably the last place someone from NCsoft would be reading.
  5. Run. Run as fast as you can, and don't look back.
  6. Why do you guys even still play this game ?
  7. So, when we will be able to play REAL AION again ? @Hime,@Cyan, @Kibbelz ? say something already. Is there a plan ? A perspective ? Some scratch in the papers ? And you guys are diverging from the topic here. focus plz.
  8. COE was a very fun and difficult instance. Its sad that most of the player base didnt really do that instance fully.
  9. Solo instance with rank rewards that you have to do hundreds of times with hundreds of alts ? No thanks, afk is better.
  10. Sry, but this complaint is not valid. First of all, you are lucky to just have the instance pop for you, considering the ammount of people online at the game in this moment. Second, if they at least made each run worth it so you bother to get a team. Instead they make you have to run the instance 100 times, and then with 50 alts to get the rewards you need. Who in blazes has the patience for that.
  11. There! I found your mistake. But dont worry. Classic will come NCsoon.
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