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  1. I have seen the first 2 seconds of it on every toon, but i press esc so fast whenever a cutscene appears that i never saw the rest.
  2. How weird is this..

    Now we should create "make Katalam and Danaria great again" topics.
  3. How weird is this..

    We have only 2 servers now... Named after maps that don't even exist anymore.
  4. It seems I am not getting as many as I was before. I don't remember exactly how many i used to get per week, but Im sure it was more than now.
  5. Regarding Aion music

    Tell me if this is the one.
  6. Regarding Aion music

    Isnt that raging strings ?
  7. Starting Fenris quest

    You can get them from lv 45 and on, you need to highlight the option to show low level quests and talk with Kvasir on pandaemonium.
  8. Regarding Aion music

    Yeah, but since i dont know the name, i cant find it. I have experimented with the music, but when I convert to .mid it doesn't work on most of the music, because most of it has too many instruments and too many simultanous sounds and it becomes too confuse. I have to check note by note, and its being kinda difficult, lol.
  9. Regarding Aion music

    @Bryos-TM, do you have the music that plays in the lake in Ishalgen ?
  10. Regarding Aion music

    No, what i mean is, if you have a way to get the music in a "mid" file, i can transcript all of it to a sheet music using a software i have. But i dont know what music format you are talking about. When you said "music folder" what do you mean ? Do you extract the music from the game files ?
  11. Regarding Aion music

    How exactly you do that ? If you have a way to make the music in mid format, i could transcript them myself.
  12. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    Yes, that could be a campaign motto. "Make leveling in Aion great again". Melodiosa for GOV.
  13. 5.8 Abyss Gear - What we "know"

    Are you comparing eternal vs eternals and mythical vs mythical ? I undertand that gear improves, but 5 levels above seem to have little difference, specially when stats are already to high.
  14. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    I think the solution to the rank thing is simple. Just make it monthly or perhaps 2 or 3 weeks. People who get the most GP on that time period get the rank. People who don't get out.
  15. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    I agree with that and I understand that the problem is that they created many maps that are not relevant in any signicant way. You don't need to be there because theres nothing to gain on those maps. Basically, everytime you are online there are many instances you can do (or afk, which is most of the cases) whose rewards are better than the ones you get on the map. The new maps are not worth the time you waste exploring them. It's actually more profitable to afk whatever is on at the moment. What NC should do is not to put every single instance everyday on prime time, not having siege everyday, and have some time off that stuff. Also the fact that everyone had to get their BM weeklies every week for a nice ammount of kinah and AP, GP. So let's make it clear to NC here: Do not have every single instance every single day + siege to do on prime time. Have one day for dredge(2 or 3 entrances), one day for Kamar, one day for siege(preferably all forts at the same time), 1 day for open world, and so on. Also there's the complaint about the focus on abyss, which came back on latest patches. We do that content already for years. No one i know likes flight pvp. The ground forts were much more fun to do, also there were Silona where you had flight pvp. Theres also the fact that the abyss is an ugly map. Aion is a game that must appeal to the eyes and ears of the players. This is also a urgent issue. Basically every gladiator i find can target me on hide 2. This is a problem that NC does not want to adress. Because it's easy to fix these, by making floating ranks. A governor and every rank above and equal to 5 star must be given for the people who get more GP on that month(or perhaps about 2 or 3 weeks). Simple. People who slack get kicked off, at least temporarily. Zergs were frequent on the middle bases. In general, they had elite mobs and were up mostly for a fun time or a challenge because you didn't had to do ALL of them. There were bases where mostly you would frequently find more asmodians as their location were more convenient to them, and the same for the elyos. Also, I disagree with the idea that the latest 4.x patches made Katalan and Danaria better. The ramping up of the safe zones were a good idea, yes, but they changed at the same time the teleport system so you only had to teleport to certain locations to get to certain places. You didn't had to cross and walk on the map to get in certain places as you had in the beggining of 4.x era. That changed the whole experience. also it allowed elyos and asmodians to get quick to bases which should be mostly of the other faction, and gave them a obelisk there to boot, which was an idiotic idea. There should have been no safe zones for the opposite faction on those bases.