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  1. No, I was waiting for someone else to do it. Do you want me to do it ?
  2. Its worse than everything that came before, but thats expected.
  3. Well, the population issues happen bcause the game is bad, and gets worse with each update. They are not really earning many new players. That always has been true, since 4.8 and every update from then on. It wont get any better with the game as it is now.
  4. Hey, you know what amazing thing I discovered ? How much free time you have when you are not playing Aion.
  5. All of that is expected, and not at all game breaking or even remotely similar to what the game is now here. People who pay must have certain advantages and teh ability to grind less/expend less time in the game. If they are putting things that are sellable on broker, such as amulets, consumable, instance entry scrolls, I think everybody wins with it, because there is not a hard pay wall on anything. But the point people need to understand is, even if the game was as much pay to win as is the current version here, it would still be more enjoyable than it is now. The real deep p
  6. To be honest, there's nothing interesting in 7.7, and also, I doubt 8.0 will do anything to really improve the game. Im not really playing this patch a lot, and from now on, ill stop completely, and wait for classic. Way better. And BTW, the biggest opposition to a classic server was always Aly and cheesecake. Why aren't they giving their imput now ?
  7. There is a lv of p2w on the game yes, but not that much. How much is tolerable i cant really say. but you guys always forgot that the current versions of Aion need to pay for the cost of developing and programming. New updates are not free. With old Aion, most of the development cost is already paid years ago.
  8. I dont thinkg there will be coin gear. At least not in the beggining. And yes, having our old gathering and crafting professions back will be great. And the maps. There will be a lv of p2w in the game, I understand that. But I sure hope its nothing like we have it now. Not having classes like the gunner, SW, painter and AT is also a big plus. They dont fit the game.
  9. Hey, im perfectly fine with that, thats the way i think it should be. Im just asking because many people might not remember what was the reality back then. Wearing whites, not having a full set of accessories, having to rest between mobs, etc.
  10. Watching korean streams, I saw that it takes like 20-30 hours to go from around lv 20 to 30 something by farming elites with full group and things like fire temple. Is everybody ok with that ?
  11. It doesnt take long to do those pvp instances... People would still do them(most would afk) and then go back to jump up and down... I dont know the number. It should be an ammount that both factions on NA can raise on most sieges. If you play an overpopulated faction, you get punished for it, and that would be an incentive to not having what we had for most of the Aion history. 7.7 will probably be worse and more dead than now. There's nothing really "new" on it. Watch korean streams and you will see that there is not much different.
  12. Yes, I had, and you actually answered it in one of your posts. Hey. Panesterra was great. Im not saying the limit should be 100 people per server, but still don't thing its a bad idea. It would be actually simple, just remove the caps, or have the bulk of it concentrated in a few quests with weekly reward, that could be increased over time. Nothing remotely complex. In the 4.x era, you had the bulk of BM aquisition via weekly quests. Yes, there were other means to get it, but that was pretty much the largest and easiest sum. Same thing with 6.x. You would get most of your genes
  13. Ok. And I said AFTER THAT, that they could do something about them later, according to the progress of the population. Most people who play the game are not interested in being governor. Id say more than 99,9% of the people who ever made a character in Aion never had such goal and will never try. Thats not how NC should keep people playing this game. And like I said, that will be solved easily by what I have already suggested in my first post.
  14. I did not said anywhere caps "so you can catch up", everybody is going to start at 0 in a new server. I suggested caps so you don't get to maxed too fast and explore all aspects of the game better, with other players that are in the same situation.
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