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  2. What a Shame

    I feel that sorc is fine in pvp in the hands of pro players only. By nature, sorcs are like magicians as they require fast reactions to execute the lock down combos. There isn't much margin for error hence why the skill ceiling is higher. Skilled sorc pvp is arguably the most enjoying class to watch out of as it very fast paced with high risk rewarding play, and creativity with unpredictable combos. In group pvp, a sorcs playstyle is focused on survivability and landing sleeps on key targets rather than full dpsing so it gives the impression that sorcs are 'weak'. Overall, sorcs have a high skill ceiling hence most consider it underpowered.
  3. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    OMG! You mean for-profit companies want to make MONEY?! That's crazy! What is the world coming to? Really glad that you used hyperbole to teach us about capitalism.
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  5. Youtube links

    Yea i go by twitch from time to time but unfortunately due to timezone it is hard to be on when anyone is streaming NA servers.
  6. Munirunerk’s Treasure Chamber

    I've received: Cute Minion Contract x2 Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone x1 Also the Rewards are said to reset Daily at 9AM, but they actually reset at 12AM server time.
  7. Munirunerk’s Treasure Chamber

    So far I've gotten Luna Material Chest x10 and Ancient PVE Enchantment Stone x1 Wowzers.
  8. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Your reading comprehension is as poor as your attitude. There is no IRL monetary transactions going on here. No nickels, dimes, or dollars. Literally nothing. $0.00 AFK the Contaminated Underpath instance once a day on as many toons as you feel like Collect the MAAD-S Skin Tissue and turn in your quest Repeat x7 Get transparents I have 350 transparents in my inventory right this second, and a few hundred scattered across other toons until I can be bothered to broker trade them over to my main. I have never spent any money- or kinah, for that matter- on these scrolls. (Also y'all need to quit dunking on the transformation system QQ-ing about furries. First of all, only 26 of the 63 transformations are animals, and 22 of those are Normal and Greater tier. If you're still running around in one of those, then I fully understand why you're so grouchy. Secondly, I'd rather have furries playing Aion than the downright disgusting lolis. In my experience they're actually incredibly nice people, and financially supportive of freelance crafters, artists, and artisans. Cheers!)
  9. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I searched for pink windows in the beginning, didn't find, started to fight the Dragon Lord 1, then 2, didn't notice when they appeared but my Fraps recorded them. They were there for quite a short time. The quest about Balaur Spiritualist was already in my list so it couldn't pop up. Will they allow me to enter this instance again or not anymore cause I completed the campaign? I got one more toon waiting for doing this campaign, will try to be more attentive to pink windows.
  10. im just gonna take a guess at this, but ive probially opened in the area of 15 to 20 cute contracts so far and still have not yet gotten anything better then a B rank, so im guessing to get either sheba or modor or any other really good one you probially need to open what 35 to 50 unless you have godlike rng.
  11. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    Well you gotta keep trying until you running out of cakes
  12. Sadly they only do 1 (one) redo per year, you can re-request it, maybe one of them will help you again. However I do not think they will replace it a second time.
  13. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    Korea will never develop anything specifc for us here.
  14. SM in 7.0 and pet stigma ?

    Tempest / Magma spirit will have cooldown increased to 5 minutes. This means after the Tempest / Magma spirit dies, you must wait 5 minutes before you can summon it again. The two pet attack stigmas are having their damage boosted by 30%. (Does not apply to DoT portion)
  15. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Luna skins are gone and yes transformation is a must to do if you wanna play the game unless you wanna afk in town all day and do nothing. If you can bear transform then good for you if it's no no then better find another game that you like.
  16. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    @Cyan Can You get my request to Korea ? Thank you.
  17. Bloodwind slash worth to use it in 6.5 ?

    Is 7.0 stats based on Korea version or RU version ? Because if it's from RU it will be very sad day for templar
  18. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    It amazes me sometimes how gullible today's gamers are. YEAH, that's how it always starts, "Oh, but it hardly costs anything...!" Nevermind the fact that companies like NCSoft are essentially forcing you to pay to see the character you may have spent an hour creating, (or to see that costume you just played $30 for.) A nickel here, a dime there. Hardly anything, right? It's the principle of the thing. That's called a slippery slope, and companies like NCSoft, EA, etc thrive on the willingness of suckers...err...enablers of such underhanded practices to part with their cash. They always start small to test the reactions. Today it's nickles, tomorrow it's dollars...next thing you know...you're paying $$ for hotbars and other (used to be) standard of living options. (Oh wait...that's already happening.) Can't wait for the "change your UI settings ticket" so I can edit my ui at will. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll cost next to nothing too. But yeah, sure...It's only a $1 per 5-10 minutes to spare yourself the indignity of playing a furry. Whatever makes you happy I guess. Happy your friends like it, though one look at how barren this game has gotten since 6.0 tells me more than a few dont. Anyways, enable away!
  19. Bloodwind slash worth to use it in 6.5 ?

    NCSoft decides to clean up all the pvp_damage_ratio mess on the existing skills by nerfing their PvE damage to match the reduced PvP numbers Bloodwind Slash / Bloodstorm Blow Lv 9 6.5 7.0 [PvP Damage] 45% [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 2 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [AOE] LightningBolt length 7, width 3, max targets 4 [Physical Damage] 1136 (95) (Acc mod) -30 [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 2 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [AOE] LightningBolt length 7, width 3, max targets 4 [Physical Damage] 517 (11) (Acc mod) -30 Bloodwind Rive / Bloodstorm Splitter [Daevanion] 6.5 7.0 [PvP Damage] 45% [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 3 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [Physical Damage] 1136 (11) SimpleMoveBack (Acc mod) -30 [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 3 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [Physical Damage] 517 (11) SimpleMoveBack (Acc mod) -30 Draining Slash / Depriving Strike [Daevanion] 6.5 7.0 [PvP Damage] 45% [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 2 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [Physical Damage] 1136 (11) [Life Leech] 10% (Acc mod) -30 [Cooldown] 5.0 [Multicast] 2 <Usable while moving> [Range] 1 + wpn range [Physical Damage] 517 (11) [Life Leech] 40% (Acc mod) -30
  20. Aethertech daevonian silence bug?

    6.5 7.0 [Duration] 7.0 [PvP Duration] 50% [Cooldown] 30.0 [Range] 12 Air Damage 709 (7) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy [Duration] 4.0 [Cooldown] 30.0 [Range] 12 Air Damage 709 (7) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy Silent Shot / Silencing Cannon Fire [Daevanion] Silencing Blade / Heavy Silencing Blow [Daevanion] 6.5 7.0 [Duration] 7.0 [PvP Duration] 30% [Cooldown] 40.0 [Range] 6 Air Damage 546 (5) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy [Duration] 4.0 [Cooldown] 40.0 [Range] 6 Air Damage 546 (5) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy Aetherlock Blade / Silence Smash Lv 4 6.5 7.0 [Duration] 7.0 [PvP Duration] 70% [Cooldown] 18.0 [Range] 6 Air Damage 546 (21) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy [Duration] 5.0 [Cooldown] 18.0 [Range] 6 Air Damage 546 (21) (Acc mod) +100 Silence [Enmity] 6330 [Effect type for dispel] DebuffPhy :
  21. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    we all love aion cuz of pvp system none other mmorpg has pvp like we do. SINCE IN THE BEGINNING EVERYONE HAS COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY PATCH WE HAVE PAST, COME ON WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GONNA STOP? oh i hate this patch because of this and that.... how we miss old 2.5~4.8 WAKE UP WE COMPLAINED BACK THEN!
  22. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    i cant agree more! busted by Haniya so accurate post.
  23. What a Shame

    so stupid even comparing temp vs sorc in group fighting BOTH OF THEM ARE GOOD! it is depend on so many stuff. this example is just to explain WHY ONLY! if i have (gladi) SM in my group i rather take temp than sorc because enemy will focus sm and to make sm last long even survive initial burst i rather have Temp BG if i have no cloth in our group like 2 gladi 1 chan 1 cleric 1 leather i will take sorc for super dmg and cc THAT IS STUPID TO EVEN ARGUEING WHICH ONE IS BETTER FOR GROUP PVP. sigh this is why EU players making fun of US (NA players) nyerk fight in game not here bunch of useless post argue stupid shit like that. DO RESEARCH! i feel you who argue about which class better in group pvp are super scrubs srry it is true reading how you guys argue and compare lol
  24. Aethertech daevonian silence bug?

    In pvp, the duration of the sleeps and silences of a sorc, have a shorter duration than what is in the description of the skill, but in pve if it lasts exactly what the description says, I do not know if it is the same case in the Aethertech, but in the sorc this is how they work
  25. What a Shame

    dont forget that NC removed Boon of Clairvoyance, our first defence vs a Ranger.
  26. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Except it literally costs nothing to get transparents. Who even buys them off the BCM? Ridiculous. Look, everyone should already have been running their Luna instances for exp (either to level up or to farm Bobonerk's gems) and crafting kinah bundles, and as of Wednesday they should still be running to get more materials for crafting transformations, storage cabinets, legendary enchantment stones, and the actual Luna currency. You don't even have to run the daily, you can just set up your turrets and go on a walk, which would probably improve your disposition considerably. Every seven runs gets you 20 transparents, and they stack up very very quickly. I hardly saw anyone complain about candies in 5.X when everyone was running around as a fox or a puppy 90% of the time instead of their character's default appearance and to me, this is the same old scenario except with better stats, more variety, and a transparent option.
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