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  2. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Is "Irnin's Armor Skin Set" just skin or legendary gears?
  3. Name reset 7.0

    One more time.. with feeling. If you feel your name is on an inactive account, send a message to Support and ask them. If the account hasn't logged in in literally -years-, they will give you the name. They have done it in the past. If they won't release the name to you, it's because someone active has the name. It's time to move on from this.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 14, 2019

    u can get it anytime u want, just don't use the item
  5. Wow. That would be incredibly greedy (not to mention rude) of them. I sure hope not.
  6. Today
  7. Name reset 7.0

    My name is too much cool to be taken. So, no :3
  8. Name reset 7.0

  9. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Dang that's adorable. If it didn't cost a brazillion kinah, I'd make another legion and use that as the logo.
  10. Name reset 7.0

    I have lost a name when Siel server merged. Give new players a chance to pick good names and there is many inactive players holding names.
  11. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

  12. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Indeed And never thought about it that way, van, lol
  13. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    Bad moment to reach lvl 80. I recommend you to delete your character, wait until tomorrow and create a Vandal.
  14. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    You can also get started on the Pandora gear. Those quests come from the NPCs near tents in the center of your Lakrum main base. That's decent alternative gear. With the new patch coming tomorrow, there will be something called LugBug daily/weekly quests. They ask you to do certain things like.. kill 20 mobs in a certain area. That will help to guide what you do each day you login rather than just overwhelming a new player. Welcome, btw.
  15. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    @Cyan also on the topic of stigmas, other regions had stigma enchantment events (similar to the ones we had in 5.x with safe spots), before people go and waste all their hard earned stigma enchant stones trying to go for +12 it'd be nice to know if we're getting a similar event (you mentioned on the stream that events are coming with the anniversary next month), and hopefully have it announced with enough time in advance to prepare (back in 5.x the stigma enchant events were announced weeks in advance). This benefits both the company as it would drive sales of stigma enchants on the BCM, and f2p players can also prepare buying them with kinah (with gold bars or from other players), make it a win/win situation and not another rage storm like it's the norm with enchanting related topics.
  16. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    you can look for them in LFG chat or you can post it there yourselv either by Shift + V > Post offer or use the LFG by /3 and then type /RecruitGroupMember Coe or mriash depending what you need
  17. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    Ok how do I get into dungeon runs anyways? And what sever you guys play on? anyon e from the katalam server?
  18. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    well you can do them solo too but with grp is easier ofc yeap what she says Bos will be become Solo instance and FM can from 2 to 6 ppl but it can soloed if you have decent gear. You should try to do all your COe/Mriash cds before the new patch so you have decent gear to do bos/fm in new patch also coe/mirash drop Ice crystals now you can exchange 150 of them for a random Ancinet xform.
  19. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    COE and Mirash will be gone tomorrow. You might try to get in a few runs today before that happens. But starting tomorrow, FM and BoS will be the new lowest 80 dungeons.
  20. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Cheesecake's Legion Best Legion CLBL "kibble" DOGGO LEGION YAAAAAY
  21. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    oh ok shold i be doing them with ppl cuz i see reds often? lol
  22. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    yeah but you should do the weekly quests for Genesis crystals but dont spend them.
  23. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    oof I hope you will reconsider this very soon. As a mid-level instance, it is important than IDD get more than 1/2 entries for new/returning players to gear up.
  24. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    So wait it out for pvp and for pve do COE and Mirash?
  25. Just hit level 80 few questions please :)

    well for pve you can start with Coe/mirash, after that FM/Bos, For pvp you need Genesis Crystal wich you get them from weekly quests from Artifacts but new patch 7.0 is here in 2days and there will be new pvp gear for genesis crystal and the old one practicly will be useless so wait few more days
  26. Name reset 7.0

    Boy no. Not KT's fault y'all had to merge. Not fair for them to lose their names after they had just lost them when SL and BR merged.
  27. Hey guys, so I just hit level 80 for the the first time as I am a new player and was wondering on what I should be doing first without overwhelming me with a whole bunch of things. I want to get into more into pvp but also pve so how should I go about gearing or doing dungeons or w/e Im supposed to do. Just some easy steps that I can follow would be nice, thank you
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