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  2. the lag is terrible

    the last weeks I have a lot of lag, my internet connection and my pc work correctly, but in the game every time I have more lag, including a low ping I've seen more people complaining about this so I think I'm not the only one with this problem
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  4. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    @Sjofn-KT hey doing a raw estimate i think with 16k Ncoin u can buy half a Ultimate crafted set. IMO prioritizing faster gear up get crafted weapon, wings, helm, jacket, pants, shoulder, gloves and boots. And the rest go for GC Vindicator. Enchant only your weapon and wings to +15 the rest of crafted gear just leave it +0 or +5 if u want. Even going full p2w takes time to farm stones and the materials needed to morph them. So i would save the stones for the GC gear that can be purified to the new Set in 7.0 With ancient contracts that give 21%atk speed and 50% mov speed that little 2 or 3%difference between craft and GC is not big deal. Plus chanter have new daevanion skill with atk speed, celerity mantra and wow is now every 15 minutes with same durarion.
  5. Roll back

    I don't even think that super popular Russian one at the height of its heyday had 10x more than NA. I think people really underestimate how many players (not bots) we have that participate in content (not 100% AFK) in NA.
  6. Roll back

    There is an NA private server that has 10 times more players?
  7. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    Don't play it. could take you a whole year to get geared up ready to compete. And by then all your effort will be useless anyways. The community is slowly leaving for greener pastures. And the nyerk you will have to go through is just not a fun experience. Only play Aion if you have thousands in the bank and nothing better to spend it on. And even then, still don't play it. You'll just pull your hair out, and not in a good way like, "Wow , this is fun and challenging." but in a bad way like, "Wow, i feel like this game is trying to rob me blind."
  8. Roll back

    Or, just don't play rubbish games they prey on your wallet. MMORPGs just aren't good anymore. The longer they are out those worse they become, Even the King of MMOs world of warcraft ruined their game with too much bullnyerk. Now they have to make a classic server back when the game was good just so they can get people to play it again. If you enjoy playing games in your downtime. You have a lot better options then this steaming pile of nyerk And about Private servers. Yea, they're full of bugs. But so is the official game, and you can atleast enchant gear much easier. I would say it's more fun on a private server, more people playing who all have equally good gear. Makes it more interesting and fun. You know your game is rubbish when a Private server has 10 times more players than the official server.
  9. Enchanting rate fixed?????

    Ultimate piece rates were never changed with the 6.5 update, so your items wouldn't be impacted even if the rates were reverted (they weren't).
  10. Enchanting rate fixed?????

    Man, that's a tough pill to swallow. Kinda makes ya think , "What the hell am I doing with my life? Just wasted a whole week for nothing." It's terrible that they do this to people. I can see if people lived for a thousand years they would have time for this mess. But people live less than 100 years. You don't have time to play games like that. Biologically. Aion is such an Old , outdated game, terrible customization, Bugs everywhere, Pay to win garbage. They should just let people gear up easy so they can all have fun fighting with equally strong gear so at least you know when you lose you lost because they other guy was better than you at the game. Not because he threw more money at it than you did. These aren't games to me.
  11. Transparent Transformation Scroll @Cyan

    Seems like bad business to me. Any company that does these predatory schemes to get too much of your money you should avoid like the plague. Aion as a whole, even if you had the best gear with max enchants is not worth more that $50. It boggles the mind how people spend upwards of 500 dollars on something like this. Don't they know they can buy a whole Playstation 4 for cheaper than that and have 100 times more fun with it? Games like this exist because of how people are though. If they have the money, they will spend over a thousand dollars just to have something most people can't afford. Give someone a thousand dollars just so you can stand around and say, " ahaha, I'm better than you." Seems like any game that comes from Korea is like that. Boycott the nyerking nyerk. Your job as the consumer is to not buy things that do you wrong. Don't keep throwing money at them if all they do is nyerk you around. Forget this Nyerk man, save your money bro, buy a Nintendo Switch, they're pretty fun.
  12. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    That's why I learned to stay away from these Korean RNG nightmare games. They're built to jut suck your life away. Life is too short to waste 6 months of it trying to enchant some dumb gear. Aion has always been like that though unless you just give them thousands of dollars. It's madness. Fun game, just impossible to get anywhere unless you're some rich Saudi Prince. You will have grey hair by the time you get your gear enchanted well enough to compete on the level you need to.
  13. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    This game is so unrewarding in many aspects, enchanting at this time is the worst among them. Literally grind for weeks... and you lose progress, it's some kind of sick joke that we keep playing on ourselves by continuing to support this game and play it.
  14. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    6.5 enchantment rates, compared to 6.2 rates are as follows: Ancient equipment +20% success chance with Ancient or Legendary stones +30% success chance with Ultimate stones (still, don't waste ultimate stones here!) Enchantment from +9 have the success rates of +8 instead +10-14 Legendary equipment +3% success chance with Ancient stones, if equipment is +8 or less +3% success chance with Legendary or Ultimate stones Ultimate equipment Same as 6.2
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  16. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    Rates were never boosted for Ultimate Gear. Dont burn all stones the same day, 3-5 the most - more you spend, more you fail.
  17. Servers are down?

    I got disconnected and can't log back to server? Are they down?
  18. No prestige, 11 abyssal stars(used b4 the 3m HP guy, w/e his name is). Prolly 3m+ doable if better set up as ^ mentioned. Relic might not stack w/ it because I remember it doesn't stack w/ normal AP charms, need to check it again
  19. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    Yo not even funny, I wasted like 57 Legendary PVP Stones on a +5 Ultimate and it never went over +7...... plus its stayed at +6 Awesome fix guys. Ultimate Enchanting Stones are failing like crazy to.
  20. Got 3 mil AP per run with buff, prestige and full Abysal Star buff. It should.
  21. restore the normal duration of transformations

    They dont have plans for Aion in general. They absorb the game that comes from Korea, possibly breaking it few times before and after delivering it to us.
  22. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Lol no, but that would be nice! I agree. NCsoft why you so greedyyyyyyy
  23. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Great tutorial, never used it because on how confusing the thing actually is. I just find it to be a ripoff that you need to pay almost a $1 to use a skin again each time.
  24. restore the normal duration of transformations

    They have no plans in actually restoring it back to its original time duration.
  25. @Cyan i know that there's currently not a plan to change how the transparent scrolls are available but at least we can have the normal duration?????? (10 min not the joke of 4-6 min) Seriously we need to pay for scrolls that only last 4 -6 minutes?
  26. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Dayum! does your Incandescent Blow gets the skill boost?
  27. Enchanting rate fixed?????

    They didn't fix the rate. But at least let people know if its fixed before everyone trying to enchant. I just failed at least x10 legendary pvp stones too, whole week work went nothing.
  28. Still kind if mind hazed here..... over 53 Legendary PVP Stones to get a Ultimate piece from +5 to +6?????? and the strange thing is it never went over +7; Ultimate stones failing like crazy to, so I think you guy need to revise these issue again I think.. a lot of other players having the same problem with these.
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